Closing prices for crude oil, gold and other commodities

Newscast - Africa


Oil prices fell on Wednesday. The United States government data showed surprise rise in the country's crude inventories and tensions escalated between the US and China according to Reuters the international oil benchmark. Brent crude fell fifty five cents or one point two percent to forty three point seven seven dollars per barrel at ten to six S. US west heavy crudes trump to the six cents or thirteen percent to forty one point three dollars the. The Energy Information Administration on Wednesday, said US crude distillation ventures rose unexpectedly and field man slip in the most recent week as shop outbreak in virus cases has started to heat us. Consumption could inventories rose by four point nine million barrels in the week to July seventeen to five hundred thirty six point, six million barrels, compared with expectations, and the whitest spoke for two point one million fouls trump production rose eleven points one million barrels per day up one hundred thousand barrels per day.

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