$600 A Week Unemployment Benefits End Tomorrow


You know that thing where you know something bad is coming and your senses just kind of start going in slow motion, but you can't really do anything about it. Yet that except the economy, we have been spending this week looking at the different ways that six hundred dollars a week. An extra unemployment benefits going away next week is going to play out today. Slice is people in the GIG economy. Who as marketplace's Mitchell Hartman reports are likely to feel the pain most acutely. Jennifer Jesse has a one woman sat and act tutoring business in Woodbridge Virginia, heading into the spring. She had lots of work lined up. Then cove nineteen hit in mid March, and the cancellation started that when people would contact out. I don't think there's going to be an sat act and with money being so tight I would hate for you to waste your money for incomes down from about one thousand a week to less than two hundred hundred, and as a solo business owner. She wasn't sure where to turn it. Never really clear what I'm able to apply for, so I started with PPO. She didn't get one, but she did. Get unemployment through the federal program that opens up benefits to independent contractors and GIG workers. She's received about two thousand dollars. That kind of money is a godsend in this pandemic shocked economy says Heidi Sheer Holtz at the economic policy. Institute it's been absolutely essential. Ten million or more people who wouldn't ordinarily qualify for state benefits are getting them now. Now the Federal Government picking up the TAB and adding six hundred dollars a week, but that's about to run out rear talking about a pretty mammoth drop in income, if the six hundred dollars to expire fire, take the example of Austin Texas Theatrical Technical Directors Crawford. He's been able to make it through so far unemployment, but when the extra six hundred from the feds disappears I don't know yeah that Levy at four hundred a month with Texas unemployment benefits, which is impossible to live on. He says he won't have enough to cover basic expenses or keep his studio equipment till theaters opened again.

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