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That's quite a lot of news which is very exciting and a lot of business news, which is like super-duper. Going, on in a start with three really good business news like news, the three business news it was the new news is three new launches, which is Yup. I'm dead excited about I. One I feel like this has been coming forever and ever and ever and people are excited is Jackie. Aina has announced her brand is coming out. And it's called forever mood. It's the forever moon. It's very exciting I. Feel like this is just writing. That's been talked about forever. She's been teasing it for whatever and it feels like it's finally finally coming. There's not much to say at the minute apart from that skull forever mood. There's no e in the forever. It's just F. O.. V are. Because at night stylized we like it. But as soon as we got more information on that, we will share it. Yep and second launch, which again excited, and they've just announced the first U. products in this range, which I did not see coming. And this is the Patrick Star one size launch? so He's been teasing again for awhile. He's been teasing on his youtube videos getting people to get viewers to send them little videos of them. Saying like bt is a one-size-fits-all turns out right because it is brand is called wants is. The way is this program to stop beauty. So this is just so. You're thinking of Patrick Tar beauty. And Onto Patrick. And you know it says on this podcast. Confuse those two people I am not how? How dare I say moment? Names of very similar. I'm Marilyn up by twenty ounces. Early sat in a restaurant with two that you would I know often jess and Her friend who worked for LEMAIRE and they were. Running an event with Patrick tar and they were talking about Oh. Yeah, as I fear on the plane, he should be here any minute and I was like no I've just seen him on instagram. He's like in Hawaii and they were like. On. A beauty Jeddah's like this is why I think we have to change my name to unprofessional. In front of me of to. Supposed to know a whole podcast audience, but like they know. I mean I'm not I'm great with faces, names and they've faces a very different, so you would have been dying. This is Patrick saw our because. And yet his brand, one size, and it's going to be in Sephora for the initial lawn. We'll know more about where it's going to be internationally as we go on on the first two brands that have been at first you products are either have been announced the go off makeup, dissolving missed and the go off makeup remover wipes. Okay so skin, cal skincare, but definitely make up remover. I think you have indicated this. Yeah they. Edged into skin care, but it was with an eye makeup removal rather than clothing, which is in an interesting extension of the cleansing category as the crossover between cleansing a makeup. Cleanser it's makeup remover. I'm on the fence about you need. Make remove I guess if you wearing a lot of makeup, you do it. These I always find those mists and the makeup remover sprays fascinating how they work I don't stand there. Witchcraft you spray on in your whole face melts off like Indiana. Jones like death becomes her. It's totally mad. The interest to see what else is coming. The packaging is gorgeous. It's all is bright metallic read. It reminds me a little bit of. So. Body sprays from the ninety S. Yes, I remember. Like a metallic red spotty red packaging. That looks really cool. We'll see welcome to come I did a bit of background research on this, and it's because I always brand. That's come from Sephora like Marc Jacobs yet. Betty itself actually. And it's not. It's coming from an incubation group called luxury brand partners, and a also look after Smith and colts. That's where it's myth and cult came from the nail Polish brand, and they were the money behind Becker before they sold Bekker's trae lording. Yes, so CEO was a form of Becca CEO. So. They've got a lot of. Beauty expertise in the gang. Interesting an interesting. Yeah it's going straight into Sephora and it's not a Sephora incubated. Brandon's competes brand. One come from luxury brand partners, so yes, since we get more news on one size, we'll let you know and then the other news, which is hot off the presses Hof. scold inch. Is Fantasy. Skin has just been announced. Again thinking about it and my head I was like wait. Not already accessible I'm like no, no, it doesn't. That's going to be exciting. July thirty first on skin dot com, even going on anti-beauty is is entirely its own thing. While I kind of like the savage frontier. The extensions like it's going to be like in separating. What's interesting? Really really interesting I'm curious as to see how that's going to go i. don't know what the product is going to be. It's literally just dropped as a logo an. Yes, so no more will no more and the last piece of Christmas. News we want to mention is. We had a big pre compensation. We had a meeting about the yes. About this one. I think it's an important piece of news share. Without necessarily getting into our personal thoughts and feelings on it, because we have and that's for another time. MORPHE- have ended their relationship with Jeffrey medics, which is huge news huge, yeah! I think that's going to be. Lots of people talking about your Fisher. Of. Discussion and debate as to what his involvement was with Morpheus. A company is whether or not he owned of more viewers investors like the. It was quite unclench. But what we do for sure is. He is a massive massive revenue driver form OFI, so it's a huge step for them to terminate that relationship and out that of his supply chain, so think is, it's jeopardy. Saw Cosmetics Company. Yet the company, so I mean interesting. We'll see what happens with morphine now where they go. Yeah, but just a business news

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