Gucci Launches Off the Grid, Its First Sustainable Collection

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Is kind of like a fun story so Gucci is releasing a new collection. It's called Gucci off the grid. It is the first from its circular lines. which is, it's the name of the larger like group of collections, but it's also like a fashion term right so something that is circular means that it's designed with recycled and organic and sustainable materials in mind, and it's used as many times as possible before hitting the landfill as its final resting place, so if we think about buying secondhand clothing that's contributing to these circular cycle fashion instead of the the linear path because you're helping things, stay within our little ecosystem. Anyway science lesson over. Gucci's collection is let's see recycled organic bio based and sustainably sourced the main material for the collection. According to fashion united is one hundred percent regenerated nylon. It's called economy. I. Think I'm saying it right? It's made from recycled yarn that's made from nylon scraps, and those on scraps come from everything from like old fishing nets to carpet to like scraps from Gucci's own facilities It can be recycled allegedly infinite times. Who Knew Mind? My mind other materials include metal, free, tanned leather, recycled polyester, thread and linings recycled brass, recycled gold coatings for hardware am solvent free adhesive, so they're throwing every sustainable trick in the book at the stuff in this collection. The company also has two programs through which it saves scraps from its factories along with other sources to be able to recycle them us again, so they do this for nylon and leather. The collection was designed by creative director, Allesandro Michelle and the line features genderless luggage, accessories, footwear and ready to wear items. You've got jacket sneakers. CAPS tote bags, backpacks belt bags. That's you can get it off There's a lot of orange and a vibrant blue and some basic items, so there's something for every style. If you have the money I was checking out some of the online and noted that they don't have prices that are particularly higher than Gucci's standard products at the collection will be sold on Gucci's website, and on the far fetched website for the first two weeks before it starts to spread from there Carin. What do you think of this whole? This whole circular sustainable effort? It's a good shot. More companies need to do it. I'm glad to see. Fashion houses are starting to engage with it. I don't know if this makes up for the sins of the past for Gucci, but credit where credit's due like. If they're trying, also if it's catching on, it becomes more normalized that this can be done and I am. I hope other fashion houses see it as a challenge and the the best sense of the term that people can kind of rise to the occasion. As what can we recycle what can be used? What can we experiment with so although I around? I think it's great I liked it. It's going to be a little. Limited at first with Gucci and far fetched, because it builds up awareness to that it is about marketing technique that people can kind of like focus on that. They're doing this this experiment so I. I'm glad that fashion houses are starting to take this on.

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