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I also have been very vocal about moving some money into a theory in with that resistance level in the high low building. That's what I did I, actually pretty much, nailed to the to the timing perfectly yesterday, by quite some time as of close at other positions, rather than going back into Bitcoin, a moving some back to his theory, I think it's much more bullish looking shot. And for me. The reminder of the Ted that I had. Assad for trading pays are putting too serious, so yeah, it's been a bloody good day. Without actually having to take any particular tribes and warm Italian is on not telling you this as Brag now. You'RE GONNA. See I've already seen loss of brags. Away said this Tom Blah. Blah Blah That's wonderful good for them. Excellent on I think that's fantastic that the helping people make money, or they're making money and showing people's stuff. But under the Braga. Hated by one. I'm here to do from here to motivate you to take the plunge to get started. Because whether you're looking to manage any investment portfolio oil, you're looking to trade on low timeframes and everything in between what I do. We'll help you with that, and that's what I'm saying about. Link at some sighing about eighth sign about cod dominate the. Pain them. To know how what you're looking for well, it could certainly change your loss of. Where are we right now? About five minutes until the market closes for today do. Well thousand five hundred thirty dollars at one point, five percent on the BTS Yayha and guess what today has done. You heard me talking about the bright of that weekly candlelight back on the sixth of July broken the heart and we look at much more bullish now. BITCOIN is a move in and a very came very to see work always to next because well. Thing? Theorin I the big dog got to sixty four, forty six. To sixty four. Forty six cents wanted are fake. That will because as a theory. And a thirty to fifty beautiful, it's up seven point five five percent. And there was a wonderful little. Krylya Sally which she'd be a byte point five times. You'll risk if he took good Scifi. Yep there. It is I saw Pai. In exile pays moved up two point. One percents twenty point four cents. Yes, it has. It's actually broken through that twenty cent. Barry, that's really struggling with for a little while. She's up through a looking good. It'll move their necks. bitcoin cash that four hour cradle started up for out to our cradle was at ten P.. I. T.. n. p. m. a. pointed that out of my McAfee video. I didn't try anything I did like the look of Bitcoin cash guys a practice few to tall or not feeling well, you stay at and I just I just feeling. Thoughts Utah yesterday so I stayed up. Di Big would abate on that puppy up four percent to forty dollars at the moment. Ida Okada twelve point four percent. Up Point six five not too much, but it's obviously going to be big moose bigoted, pretty quick, musical, best one, eighty, four thirty. I'd up two point nine percent right now. Lot coins three percent up one foil candle. Wish Guy. Right up in the. Forty! Five Dollars and eleven cents Barn answer bit of an honest move there also two point two six percent up sitting right around that resistance region from yesterday, eighteen dollars and twelve cents per tools, sixty six out one point six percent renting the top ten. We've got leakage at seven dollars forty two point three nine percent of the standard as a theorem. There is absolutely no doubt about it. We broken the resistance. We've broken out on the pitch shot. We've broken up against bitcoin working up and through every single barrier level. You imagine we have go blue sky ahead. What will I be looking for I'll be looking for. Nazi boosters crypto cradles and big breakouts, while because that's all I have looked full. The three strategies that are built my career as a tried and I'll go all checkless for you. Should you wish to? Get stuck into them.

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