1089 Rob Eleveld: Building Trust With Your Customers


Rob Spent five years on active duty as an officer in the US Navy, serving a three year tour abroad aboard the US is it? Is it bad fish? Is that how you say it to us has bad fish. Yeah I gotta understand a fast attack. Nuclear sub was Ernie near misses near hits during that welcome welcome to the show man. Appreciate it a first of all. Thank you for your. Thank you for your service very much. It's totally cool that you were on this. This sobbed I mean. Can you just give me like thirty like thirty five thousand foot approach, or maybe it's a sub thirty five thousand. A few hundred feet below the water. Yeah I joined a program. I was mechanical engineer Undergrad was recruited into the Navy through engineering program. Because the navy needs technical majors, they can't get enough. ROTC in the academy, so I trained for two years, and then I was on a primarily nuclear power training and sort of how a nuclear reactor works in all of safety associated with it. It and then I was aboard a sub for three years. Fast attack means it's it does typical submarine ops firing torpedoes in cruise missiles in doing seal operations as opposed to carrying ballistic missiles. which are you know? the ballistic missiles subs that are part of the nuclear deterrent triad. Now the closest I ever got to a nuclear sub I watch Madam Secretary for six seasons. Expert then Doug. Expert at that they had a lot of sit room situation room. situations where they were calling into the SOB and I'm like. Wow, just it. was there any excitement on it I? Mean? Did you guys have any where you in involved in any particular complex? I've got a few stories but you know it takes a beer to to get going I'm used to high. We we did serve. Off. At the tail end of the first Gulf War, we were on station, supporting the Marines when they were on the ground. supporting Kurdish refugees kind of at the end of the nineteen, ninety-one, early ninety two Gulf War. So we are in a combat zone, but never never fired a shot in anger in my in my time aboard, so let's let's make now. It's going to be a hard left. Turn here, but let's make the left turn to Kata because it's really interesting. And as I was listening strickland, our voiceover guy in my co host. oftentimes he he was cutting the commercial, and he came Back Dominion asking well, what does company do and what they're? What are they all about? It seems Kinda cool, but it also. Also is pretty complex. What you do so maybe maybe again. Let's take a real high level approach to what a cottage does. Because it really does have a lot to do with with building trust within customers and customers bill you know having having the trust in you to buy the products and services that you have so maybe to share a moment talk, tell me what a cottage does, and and let's take it from there sure in sort of the simplest sense Doug Sandler. You are online somewhere. Purchasing something right and you put in a credit card in. It's called a card, not present transaction in basically the merchant you're interacting with whether it's a digital like you're. You're subscribing to Netflix or it's a physical good. You'RE GONNA to shift your house from an Amazon or anybody else. They're trying to figure out. Is this really dug sandler, or is this someone who bought Doug Sandler's credit card number on the on the dark web and is impersonating him, and usually they have if if if you in the dark web, there's credit card numbers at scale there because of hacks and so forth and so. Fraudster is usually not a single person anymore. It's a it's an organized crime ring state sponsor group. They're doing this at very large-scale hundreds of thousands of credit cards, and they probably have like your name and your address, but they now. We don't have your mobile phone or your. Email address because those don't come along typically with a credit card, application or separate from your credit history, so we tend to piece those together as part of a of a digital identity and our customers are merchants. There are banks they are. Companies in the credit card ecosystem payment service providers of sorts, credit card issuers, and they're they use our data along with a lot of their own data are data includes names, addresses, phones email addresses and peas linked to a person. And so we're constructing a digital identity identity, but we don't know the amount of of the credit card transactions. Credit Card number. We. Don't know the time of day what. Goods are being bought as it weird or not Simple, example is an travel industry. Is You know a a twenty five hundred dollar purchase might be you know five round trip tickets for a family. That's a pretty straightforward, or it might be a one way first class ticket to London tomorrow. That's sketchy. You know I saying twenty five hundred dollars right so so anyway. That's how are data is used globally by the biggest. You know sort of names in in retail and payments on, but we're. We're a piece of an overall fraud. Detection system were not the only part of it, so you're you're actually in many cases. You are the link, but you are almost an probably every case you're the unknown unseen link kind of puts everything together to to verify whether. Whether, this is a a solid transaction or not. We put pieces of it together with data signals around those elements I talked about names linked to addresses, phones, e mails, peace, and then we have a bunch of partners who provide fraud platforms or machine learning scores, some of the some of the bigger companies. Apple or Amazon do that in house got a big staff that does that other companies. Use a software as a service. risks platform to do that.

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