Customer Love Is Forever, Not Just During COVID-19



I don't know about you. But over the past few months, I've been receiving just that little bit of extra customer love from brands and businesses whose products and services. I've used in the past now it could be that they genuinely care about my wealthy. It could be that they generally concerned about how I'm doing during these economically hot times, and so I'd like to offer a forty percents discount to come back and use their product. or it might just be that they looking after themselves, call me a cynic but that's kind of how it feels when you haven't been in regular contact with your customers and all of a sudden. Now that times are tough view, you reach out to them and say please come back and US please come back and spend some money his discount. A great example of that was just a couple of days ago. My wife received in the mile a bunch of gift vouchers to use discount vouches to us on influx shopping with Malaysian airlines to celebrate her birthday month now. In the Tena Twelve years that she's been a member of Malaysian airlines, she's never once received anything neither vie for that matter to celebrate her birthday month and so it kind of reeks of insincerity when all of a sudden tons a tough you'll now reaching out and offering me discounts showing me some birthday love at a time when you really just want me to come back and spend money because you've never done that in the. Past now to be clear I'm okay. If this crisis has alerted companies to the fact that they may be dropped the ball and they're saying Oh my God I have many touch with my customers. I really should do something that we make sure we a birthday celebration Def- gesture some sort that's okay if this has been the crisis that alluded you to that fact the fact that you've missed it in the past not great now you. Realized fantastic as long as you continue to do that moving forward and I know there's a lot of brands and businesses out there right now that are reaching out to the customer database reaching deep into anyone that's previously used in business to try and drum up some extra revenue, and if you're doing that in a way that makes it seem as though you care by talking about how life is in the crisis and offering discounts and. Celebrating, your birthday that's okay. If you haven't done it in the past, but make sure you do it in the future customer love is not something you pull out whenever it suits you customer love is something that has to endure the whole time. Otherwise, it's going to reconvene sincerity and long term. It's GonNa. Do you more harm than good

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