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Tote bag. Boys here. We got a brochure about you, Jerry Road. But then the thing is here is we get to the getting in trouble. Heart, guys like Marc, We've got arrested here who hand out these pamphlets in front of court houses. They sometimes get arrested. We will distribute the information and they came down. They got seven of these right here from the fully informed Jury Association, and we were handing about the everybody Ever get arrested for seven classified phone. He's looking at 21 years in prison. Under what grounds Jury Temperance almost always jury tampering. Yeah, but to no one ever says no. Once again, communication is it can because, obviously, it's not. And so they get usually get arrested for for jury tampering. But then these cases will go and they'll get appealed and eventually, and I don't think we've found a case where this isn't true. Every single case. Be the charges will get thrown out because it's free speech. Well, actually, sorry that I did find one case. Lacosta County Man is facing a five year felony for obstruction of justice after he says he was arrested for passing out fliers on jury rights. He had been interested in the case that was going on up in Acosta County. Big Rapids, Michigan. This is David common. He sees her any representing our main guy here. Keith would prosecuting him. So the case that Keith was interested in the one that kind of spurred him to head down to the courthouse that these pamphlets involved in Amish man who got in trouble with the state of Michigan? For filling up some wetlands near his property and he was facing, you know all these fines and possible jail time. He thought this was totally unfair. And so he went online found brochure put out by the fully informed Jury association and made a bunch of copies and just showed up in court on the day that he knew they were scheduled to start a trial. He just handed out his fires to anybody. You wanted them there at the courthouse, so he's standing outside the courthouse on the sidewalk. But there is a jury selection going on that day. And so when the judge comes into the courtroom and sees potential jurors with these pamphlets, he you know what's in it. What's going on? And then one thing led to another. He found out where there's a guy out in front of the courthouse, handing these things out. The court officer confronts Keith outside of the courthouse tells him to stop and when he would not stop the officer, finally, court officer finally told Mr Wood Well, The judge wants to talk to you and Mr Wood said. Well, I don't want to go in and talk to the judge out here, and the officer basically said, Well, you're going to be arrested if you don't come in and talk to the judge. So then, of course, under the threat of arrest, he went in, and the judge never asked him a question. Never talked to him and just ordered his arrest for jury tampering. And the court set a bond of $150,000 for this man. You've never been in trouble was married, had seven kids had his own business in town, and he's not a flight risk it all today says a lot of this case hinged on when somebody actually becomes a juror. Are you a juror? When your when you get a summons and show up to the courthouse, or are you a juror? Only once you were actually seated on a case the argument of ST has been all on that once you're summoned, that makes you a juror. It was our position. That's not the law. On fact, the statute for jury tampering says You're supposed to be a juror in a case. I think I think that's pretty clear. We filed motions asking the District Court judge arguing his first Amendment rights and his right to free speech and the judge ruled against us and then it ended up going to trial. The trial lasted about two days. And the jury in this case came back with a guilty verdict in about 30 minutes. He appealed. It got rejected. And now they're waiting to see if the Michigan Supreme Court will take it up, eh? So, like what? I like, kind of the larger ramifications of this of this case. That

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