Trevor Noah condemns Trump's COVID-19 Response


Back to the daily social distancing show and yes, we are still social distancing pretty soon the top of my head is going to be six feet away from my forehead. That's the plan. That's how I'm going to measure my distance from people hey, what's going on becks they s see you know the reason we still social distancing is because the coronavirus is still spreading, and this is thanks partly to people not taking it seriously. So let's catch up in another installment of our ongoing segments the pandemic. I our pandemic coverage, Hicks off in Utah State in desperate need of the l shaped tetris piece. We now know that one of the easiest ways to stop the spread of coronavirus is just to have everybody where a mosque unfortunately telling everyone to wear a mosque is also one of the easiest ways to spread idiocy after more than one weeks in schools have reopened in Washington County Liberty, action coalition hosted a rally in front of the school district building. This morning up to a thousand people showed up saying the children being forced to wear masks in classrooms is illegal and even unconstitutional. Now have gathered here in front of the Washington County. Administration building calling for. The end of a mouse mandate. If we want to wear a mask, that's fine we can take care of ourselves when George Floyd was saying I can't breathe and then he died and We're wearing a mask and we say I can't breathe but we're for story anyway I'll tell you another reason I'd hate mass most child molesters love them God. Damn. These people were crazy. In fact, you know what they should have. Let them storm the school building because maybe they would have accidentally learn something like I'm still trying to process everything that was going on at that rally no matter how many times I watched that video i. still find new things to process. Like that video is the closest thing I've seen to facebook comments happening in real life I like individual freedom wipe people are the real George Floyd. Happy. Birthday Martha Mask wearing was invented by Jeffrey Epstein. Oh and here's another reason it's hard for Americans. To get the pandemic under control even places do have rules for social distancing. This is how some people follow them growing concerns over Cova clusters especially on college campuses in Ohio police cited several people in a house near Miami University during the Labor Day weekend body camera footage captured a stunning exchange between an officer and a student or there's So, you probably know where I wanNA talk to too many people but you know the the ordinances ten people. Yeah. How many people are in the house? Twenty twenty people inside. You Might WanNa start clearing off the I've never seen this before there's an input on the computer that you tested positive for covid. When was this was? A week ago are you supposed to be quarantining? That's why I'm on my house do you have other people here and you? You're positive for Kovin? We WanNA, keep the site open. That's why. We're so screwed. The main part of quarantine isn't about being at your house, my friend. It's about being away from other people so that you don't spread the disease I'm scheduled. Know where this guy puts a condom on his buddy at this point I'm glad it's just corona virus. Can you imagine this dude handling Ebola wait so I'm not supposed to eat a monkey. Because I got to tell you there was some confusion there. Oh and just by the way. Watching this police officers body cam footage was like virtual reality game called white privilege because this kid was clearly breaking the law but the cups tone of voice sounds like he was telling him today specials Hieaux could I interest you and not breaking the law today? Get a few minutes to think it over and I'll come back so. Some people are misinformed some people a crazy and some people are both. People. Like Donald jaundiced trump president of the United States and one man super spreader overnight at a packed indoor rally president trump breaking Nevada's covid restrictions to court voters. In the key battleground state, we're going to win to that speaking to a throng of mostly mask Liz supporters, his first indoor rally nearly three months. The state prohibits gatherings of more than fifty people but trump defiant of the governor comes after you which you shouldn't be doing. I'll be with you all the while those behind the president and in front of the cameras wore masks, most of the crowd did not. But that didn't bother supporters like meal. Christianson who camped out overnight I'm not wearing a mask that's a shows that I trust my president. Okay look. I. Get why trump fan would have trusted trump before. But how do you still trust this off the he admitted that he's been downplaying the coronavirus this whole time I don't get it. I really don't get what do you mean you trust and this is like believing the Nigerian e mail scam off the he tells you that he's a Nigerian email scam although I'm a small time criminal pretending to be a wealthy prince. Will Send me some money. You know what? I liked this guy's honesty I will send him fifty thousand dollars and as for trump. How you call yourself the presence of law and order when you openly flouting the law and not even for a noble reason. No, it's just so that he can spend nineteen minutes ranting about how vegetables invented by the deep state and Hillary. Clinton and this isn't just about breaking the law. What Donald Trump is doing here is actually dangerous. The last time trump held an indoor rally. He lost twenty five percent of his black friends. So there you have it. Everyone from college students to grandma's to the president himself is helping this virus continue spreading. But I guess. That's the genius of America's Corona Virus Response. Unlike other countries that are preparing for the second wave America realized you don't have to deal with the second wave. If you never get over the first.

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