Gettin' Grown


She's a where you're going I mean. When patties that I've been ready to perform, and so I came here ready like it was a show. It's a show because I've been at the house. I'll. Be. Frank. Catfish. Okay Is she talking about? That's my Corny Song I call my corny saw. Beverly Hills cop the Beverly Hills Cop. Soundtrack it was everything and what I really love about Gladys Knight gave us not Gladys Knight gave us live performances with laugh band. Okay. She was like, Oh y'all got the DJ that Q. You. she was like excuse me. I'm going to bring my fellas fellas get on. Okay. Patty you have trunks in Jews in a Mike I have nicholas she. Have people who are going I have background vocals hit Paul of that. Everybody's with me. What do you do? It was everything when I believed I, just the commentary you know the commentaries will take me patty also issues like. She's sick I forget what soggy was she was like I was high monosso was so happy. I wasn't have wasn't high. Me Manno. She said that little girl with the ponytail that this she talked about Jennifer. that. Heff saying me under the table I leaving. You've been all black women calls you a half it s less. Than An.

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