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I'd like to welcome to the show Susan met Naski from Brooklyn, tropical E. dot com, and that's tropical with an I at the end but a put a link to that in the show notes Susan Welcome to the show. Thank you. Thank you so much for having and Susan. You're coming on the show to talk about one of my favorite places in Mexico. Of course, I haven't been every place Oaxaca. and. Why are you talking about Wocka? Well, it is also one of my favorite places. It's actually my favorite place because I now live here after I think my first trip was in two, thousand, fifteen and. I just kept coming back and back for months at a time, and then finally I had been traveling fulltime for awhile I'm a travel blogger and when I was just ready to settle down, this was the place that was at the very top of my list. Excellent. Well, and I understood after reaching out to Susan that she was a longtime listener, the show which is always fun to hear it is a big honor for me to be on this show when there was a time many years ago I wasn't able to really travel, and this was my constant source of inspiration. I cannot imagine a time not be able to travel except of course now but right. Excellent and why should someone go to Hakka? So I think that the thing about Oaxaca really. So special and is not often matched in other places is that it's so dynamic. There is such a depth and breadth of things to do and learn and taste and understand here. It's so easy to fill a week itinerary full of all these things and not just one type of thing but a huge variety of things. So there's incredible culture here. There's history. An Amazing Food and mess calcined beautiful nature artisan work. So there's really something for everyone and It's just such a dynamic place to learn over of everything excellent. What kind of Tannery or are you going to recommend for us where we're GONNA start so? Worked on this a lot of years there because as I say, there's so much to do and I actually hear over and over again that people come here they plan a long weekend trip and they pair it with Mexico City or the coast or other places in Mexico and. On their first or second day they're already planning a return trip because they realize immediately that there's just such a huge amount of things to do. It's such a beautiful place such a compelling place. So I've come up with a seven day itinerary that I think is really a nice balance of all these different aspects, the nature and the culture and history in the food and artisan work and I. think that's a great way to have your first trip to a Hakka to have a little bit of a balance of all the things and learn a little of everything and. WELL ROUNDED PERSPECTIVE OF OAXACA Going Day one. Well so I have this kind of divided by Oaxaca city and then day trips and I think that one way people go wrong is they don't necessarily know that the day trips and and the villages and the nature sites archaeological sites outside the city the number of things to do outside of the city is equal or more than within the city. So. I think that the best way to kind of approach your race to think of it more or less than a fifty fifty way that maybe you're going to be doing day trips about as many days as you will be just strictly inside the. So I I'd like to just kind of talk about stuff within the city and then later I can get into the day trips if that works for you works remain so. Has Been inhabited since eleven thousand BC. So it has an extremely long history a really in depth history, and that's part of why a lot of the places outside of the city are so important the pre Hispanic archaeological sites and villages that still hold to their traditions. But also the city itself is quite old and the modern day city started to be built in fifteen hundreds when the Spanish were here. So there's still lots of historical sites to see in the city that are important and also beautiful. One of the best places I think to start is south of the Mingo Church that is an ex convent that has now been converted to a church and a museum and a ethnical garden, and it's also just kind of a big meeting point in the city for tourists and for locals as well. It's great for people watch chain there's lots of street food outside. So it's a great place to start, and then the museum there is great. They have lots of great exhibits about the history and Culture Haka. Big. Museum. Not a big museum but. We're seeing and also is a great way to get a look inside at the architecture of this gorgeous ex convent and then the ethnic botanical garden that's on the grounds as well is really fantastic. It's required to take a guided tour. And I wouldn't say it's for everyone because if you it is to at least two hours and it's very in depth about plant life and history culture. And I love it and I think it's amazing. I'm taking up multiple times bill. Some of those plants are important to people because some of the local plants give us things like Miguel so. Exactly. So. But I definitely recommend it for most people. The thing I think is really special is they really go into the history of the most important plants and the cultural significance and you get to see things like the predecessor for Korn that was found here in the valley, and that is one of if not the most important ingredients in food items in all Mexico and a lot of the world, and so there's just a lot of amazing insights and things you can learn about plant life in this really biodiverse state if you're into that kind of thing.

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