About 8,800 unaccompanied children expelled at U.S. border under coronavirus-related measure

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Have some breaking news from the border. Nearly nine thousand unaccompanied minors have been expelled from the United States due to a pandemic related measure effectively ending their asylum one, hundred, fifty, nine, thousand people have been expelled from the US ever since the emergency order took effect in March. And joining me now for AIRASIA IS JACOB SOBER OFF, MSNBC correspondent, an author of separated Jacomb. Thank you for being here. Tell us what's going on. Here. On the border on assignment yesterday when this news broke late in the evening the trump administration throughout the course of family separations had one goal and that was to. Expel Central American. Children as soon as they got to this country in addition to being able to indefinitely detain parents and children, and now the government is saying in a court case that they have expelled. As you said, eight thousand, eight hundred unaccompanied children here under the cover of the corona virus. That means that when they get here, lawyers say they have little legal protections little access to council due process I should say and they've been kept in hotels. In many instances. We've talked about this before lawyers have been in arms we hadn't had full accounting. Of the numbers but the total unaccompanied children eight, thousand, eight, hundred, seven, thousand, six, hundred members of families that includes parents and children, and the total number of all migrants expelled under the guise of the corona virus is one hundred and fifty, nine thousand and I'd like to just say Real Quick Jonathan that there is evidence that the government despite the fact that this is a public health law public health rule, they are deporting people who do not have the corona virus contradicting their own underlying justification for what lawyers say as in cautionable Jonathan. Jacobs over up, we are lucky to have you on this story that will be following this story throughout the day on MSNBC. JACOB SILVER MSNBC correspondent. Thank you very much for being here

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