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We have the material to head to Tom cigarette dot com slash rentals, and check out the show that was too hot for the web. Good Morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Welcome to another episode of Your Mom's House. She's Christina I'm Tom and we. are going to discuss serious matters only on this special episode of Your Mom's House You don't have to tune in to CNN or Fox or MSNBC. You'll get everything you need to know about what's going on in the world right here, and this is a Christian program. It's Christian. It's filled with important facts only you're in the no spin zone now. So I up. Let's talk about the probability that this vaccine is going to be ready in the next month. What do you think Tom? Well, I talked to a doctor fucking nines. German guy and he said he said quote bullshit won't be ready anytime fucking soon. He's doctor Dr Fucking Hines told you that from the doctor Fucking Rain Oh. That's different. See I talked to the other one cousin. Yeah, and he was all dash. It could be good. Could be you could get it at the pharmacy with your shot and I was going I'm. No was switched to finance oh? Yeah everybody's doing well financially and all the markets are up. Let's Talk Sports. Sports are good and there's a bunch of people winning some of them lose. All right. So? There's so much to go over. We have a really loaded episode we also should. Remind folks that the your mom's house live. The second one is going to take place on Friday September Eighteenth Five PM Pacific eight eastern worldwide streaming at ym h virtual dot com tickets are on sale. Now don't be stingy and we have an incredible lineup.

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