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In downtown Sacramento to call up President Trump for not leading on the issue. We hired presidents to lead Not to deny Steinberg was joined by West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Kabal Don and Alberto Ayala, the executive director of the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District. President Trump is awarding the distinguished Flying Cross to seven California National Guardsmen who saved 242 people from the creek Fire. Speaking in Sacramento, Trump said the brave soldiers flew into blazing flames and raging wind, despite orders from the superior is not Teo. Trump says the unyielding and undying determination from these brave soldiers is what makes our nation great protests following President Trump's visit to Sacramento Monday morning left at least one person in the hospital, mostly peaceful demonstrations pitted Trump supporters against detractors at McClellan Park. At one point, a car clipped a group of protesters. Later, a group of protesters rushed a CHP vehicle and at least one person climbed on top video shows the officer then speeding away, setting the protester into the pavement. They were taken away by ambulance, but no word on their condition. Cal far is reporting that 16,500 firefighters are fighting the blaze is statewide, There are over two dozen major wildfires blazing their way through California. So far, Fires have scorched nearly three million acres. The San Francisco Giants are back on schedule after their weekend was derailed by what turned out to be a false positive test for Koven 19, a player reportedly tested positive on Friday, which immediately postponed the scheduled Friday and Saturday games in San Diego. The team was cleared to play a double header Sunday against the Padres. I'm Nika Magog. Sacramento Traffic. Good evening. 904. Bob Williams in the kfbk Traffic Center with a hazard tree down the number two lane. This is north on Highway 1 60 at the Art Cap City Freeway off ramp Connector ramp. We do have crews headed that way to get that tree out of the roadway Crews are out working tonight on your roadways. North found five pocket road north out. 99 Laguna Boulevard South down 99 Esther eastbound 80th Sierra College Boulevard. And also sat down 99 of Theo. Grow Boulevard off ramp traffic on the tans. Every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Next traffic at 9 33 Bob Williams News 93.1 kfbk Now Sacramento weather Daisy and Smokey to Diallo. 55 59 degrees for tomorrow and Wednesday Marshall Sunshine through Hayes and Smoke more 88 to 92 High Wednesday 87 to 91 Mackey. Whether it's five Larson News 93.1. KFBK Thanks nothing in less than 30 minutes. Breaking news, the second inhabit on Sacramento's new 93.1 kfbk. A little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. A week's

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