This Week in Philadelphia


Park has reopened some sites to visitors, including Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell restaurants in the city could have indoor dining at 25% capacity and center City Restaurant Week begins on Sunday. Philadelphia Fringe Festival kicks off this weekend. It is mostly virtual swing by the Elmwood Park Zoo for a live Tarzan performance. Pre register four seats or do a drive in style. I would not be just a number. It's scarecrow season at peddler's Village. You could even learn how to make one of your own. Do you think if I went with you, this wizard would give me some brains and because of overwhelming demand. Jurassic Quest Dino Driving at the Wells Fargo Center has been extended through September 20 for more of the K Y w to do list. Go to K y w news, radio dot com slash to do 3 25. It's money news on

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