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Audience and our demented presidential candidate, Joe Biden continues to pander to all different types of people. If you remember a few weeks ago, we talked about it. It was addressing The Council of Islamic Relations, trying to pander to them, and he said, You know, I love your religion. That's the thing we got to teach more of in our schools. At the same time, the kids can't say the pledge of Allegiance. But Joe Biden things we've got to teach a little more Islam in our schools. And now after that, if you remember he was talking to Latinos for Biden. And he said, you know, the Latino community is so diverse. There's so many different types of Latinos. Unlike the African American community, you guys at the verse. So while pandering to the Spanish community, he completely embarrassed, humiliated and disrespected the colored community, the black community, African American Community People of color. And now yesterday again, he's down in Florida because he knows Florida's He's got no shot Willingham out there and they're trying to make him cool and hip. And if you want to see The top of political pandering. Take a look a Joe Biden yesterday. I just have one thing to say. What if I had the talent of any one of these people? I do. Elected president acclamation. Thank you so much. Okay. Could I speak a little Spanish means slowly. So his Donald Trump Coram slow Joe all the time and he gets up there.

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