Seattle - Smoke over Puget Sound up to 6,000 feet thick and 'very unhealthy'

KUOW Newsroom


The air and the puget sound region is still really unhealthy this morning because of the wildfires but it doesn't smell as smoky as it did last week Kyw's I li show Neil explains why the smoke we're breathing in the puget sound area right now it's kind of old. That's according to fair inherent Thorpe with the Washington State Department of Ecology. Fresh you know it's basically like standing next to a campfire and you're getting all those fresh missions right off the trees and then as it sticks around and lingers in the atmosphere. It starts to chemically react it mix with water. So it doesn't smell the same color of this guy has changed his well, it's wider less Orange Herron. Thorpe says, that's in part because of cloud cover and it's also because most of the smoke is close to the surface not far above us in the atmosphere. Eilly show Neil can you w

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