Iran Executes Wrestler Accused of Murder After He Took Part in 2018 Protests


For his life to be spared. 27 year old Naveed of Curry had been convicted for the killing of a security guard during anti government protests in 2018. Mr Curry said he'd been tortured. Into making a confession. Among those who called for the Iranian of thought is to show mercy where President Trump on the International Olympic Committee, which says it's shocked. By the execution. Tara. Separate FA is the researcher on Iran for human rights. What she's been telling me more about Navid of Curry and his standing is arrested in Iran. Naveed Afghan, participated in several national competitions and had run up position and the adolescence and youth national championship in Iran. Few years back, and was he taking part in anti government protests in 2018? So there have been several rounds of protests over the past 2 2.5 years in Iran. The protest that Naveed was prosecuted for took place in summer of 2018 in several cities, including in Shiraz, where he lived. So how did he come to be accused of stabbing to death? His security guards and so, according to documents Reviewed on DH news articles have been published about the case on the evening off one of the days that the protest was ongoing. Mr Torre Common who initially was reported as a security officer, but later was introduced as just an employee off the water Waste management company was stabbed to death close to his home. Naveed and his brothers were arrested about a month later. Naveed in one of his brother was also been implicated. And in village murder, were arrested in September of 2018, according to hand written letter by Naveed and that has been published, He experienced severe torture into different detention centers where he was detained. In issue Ross. He was facing dozens of charges in ST separate cases, but the criminal court sentenced him to death in October of last year. 2019 the evidence used against him was mostly confessions. Of him, his brother and a friend, And they all alleged that those confessions were obtained under torture. And in April off this year, the Supreme Court uphold the death sentence and quickly brushed over the serious allegations of torture and failed to investigate that, so there were no independent witnesses who Tied, Mr AFC hurried to the scene of the stabbing a cz faras, you know, according to authorities and footage is that been released? There's footage from one security camera. It is unclear if if the person in the video is exactly Naveed, and if that proves anything, anything beyond reasonable doubt, why do you think that the Iranian authorities decided to make an example off him? If you like on DH to execute him, even though there was this into A national outcry. I think that the rush nature off this sentence because Iranian authorities disregarded the procedural rules that they need to abide by and when executing someone shows that it had a political motive behind it, And I would say it's probably an attempt to defy the international and domestic outcry against the death penalty. So was there a campaign inside Iran to have him sped? Since July of this year, there has been an ongoing campaign. Online, mostly with the hashtag don't execute against the death sentence that have been issued in relation to the protest that have happened over the past two years. And it is a growing a domestic movement, and many people also try to raise awareness and work in different capacities to save Naveed is life arranging from people who were working on convincing the Supreme Court for a retrial to the ones who were hoping for. Give nous y and all the other activists who were trying to raise a very innocent and informing international institutions and authorities, hoping for coordinated pressured It was Tara separate far a researcher in Iran for

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