Violent demonstrations sweep Bogota, Columbia after death of man detained by police


Columbia has erupted into violence Huntley seven people have died in protests sparked by the police killing of a man detained for breaking social distancing laws. The mayor of Bogota's forty, six streets in the city have been destroyed. Colombian Oscar Guardiola Rivera is a professor in international law and international affairs at Birkbeck polit. College and joins me on the line. Now Oscar, can you give some more detail on the initial police action which began this? Your Gina Very Good morning to you and to our listeners according to the mayor of low-tar cloudy Elope is the first woman to be elected in such. To such a high position what happened in volatile between Wednesday and Sunday must be qualified a so real massacre. According to the evidence, she presented to the Inspector General of the country throughout the evening uniformed policemen, policemen hiding their uniforms or presumed members of the police in civilian clothes embarked on the massacre in these four neighborhoods we now know that at least anything in between ten to thirteen people were. Killed by gunfire by police gunfire, that is and at least two hundred where at badly hurt inspector. General Financial Carino received nine thousand, nine minutes of video footage which shows how members of the public force are clearly a arthritic shooting indiscriminately in different neighbors of the city. So let us be clear. This is not a the proverbial case of. so-called rotten apples but agents of the state performing a suspected of them. What official response has there been? What's the president event to case it? Will response by President at Yvonne Duquet could not have been worst on Sunday. The mayor of. Cloudy Lopez having the nouns that in point of fact, the police had disobeyed her orders according to. The Colombian. Constitution the mayor bullet as the commander of the police. Chief announced that orders coming from the state that is to say from the Ministry of Defence, had over ridden her command. And she invited President Duca to attend an event of You know forgiveness and Reconciliation President Nuke not only did not attend leaving an empty chair but came out in front of the cameras. He usually does he prefers to appear on camera he dismisses avoids. Mingling with a actual real people saying that the stay to had acted. Using legitimate force and putting the blame on the people who were at first at least piece fully. Protesting against the assassination of the this common passer-by

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