Twelve Minutes Is An Indie Game With A Star-Studded Cast


Minutes and its story driven and the idea is that this couple keeps reliving these 12 minutes over and over and over like Spike Spike Lee joint. Yeah, kind of and you get to help decide what they doing. They lived through it, but the reason that it jumped back up onto my radar. There's three characters that it in their voice by James McAvoy, Daisy are Daisy Ridley and Willem Dafoe was the narrator How, um, voice telling them They're crazy. Name out, Like even five? Maybe eight years ago. Your You're like, Yo, we're gonna get three of the largest Hollywood actors to do this small scale video game is indeed game essentially yet they're like wild. What are you talking about? That would never happen. But now in today's Age like that's what they know that they those names alone helps bring people in to play the game. I'm interested now more so in this 12 minutes game now that you said those three people are involved. Exactly. Okay, Well, what is this 12 minutes all about? And then finally, I think

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