Apple says Epic is 'marketing' with Fortnite lawsuit, Epic hits back

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Epochs back an apple with a big. I told you last week about apple's assertion that fortunes for epic sport night were waning before the APP store dust stopped. According to a recent court filing by apple by July Twenty, twenty interest in fortnight had decreased by nearly seventy percent as compared to October twenty. Nineteen. This lawsuit and the front page headlines at his generated appears to be part of marketing campaign designed to reinvigorate interest in fortnight. Q. The NAH. The piece for men, gadget has epic indicating that apple was using Google search data for that seventy percent number the same piece as the gamemaker asserting that the number of daily active fortnight players actually grew thirty nine percent over the same timeframe. The Game Company had other arguments as well. According to n Gadget denied. Apple's claims that removing epics OPS help security and privacy arguing that apple hadn't referenced a single security issue with fortnight's direct payment and in game updates systems. The APP and use the endgame updates for years without objection epoch said. It. Also argued against apple stands on in-app purchases for games surprising. No one. And it refused apples assertion that EPA created the current situation maintaining that it was simply exercising at Supreme Court backed power to reject. Contractual conditions. The two sides next made in court a week from today Monday the twenty eighth of September.

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