Zendaya is the youngest Emmys lead drama actress winner


Entertaining 2020 Emmys kicked off with a bang when the beloved comedy This is its title, Not a swear word s C H. I T. T S Creek broker record by winning seven Primetime Emmys in the comedy categories, including writing best comedy plus completely sweeping all the acting awards. Zendaya also made history a 20 for becoming the youngest winner of the best lead actress in a drama for her portrayal of ruin the HBO Siri's euphoria and the acclaimed limited Siri's watchman, also one big taking home. The award for best limited Siri's, as well as acting awards for Yaya Abdul Mateen, the second and Regina King. King wore a Briana Taylor T shirt, as did Yuzu Aduba, who won for playing Shirley Chisholm and Mrs America and all the favorite succession walked away with best drama. Okay, now that we've celebrated all that great

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