Incident: Wings AT72 at Ambon on Jul 3rd 2020, Failure of All Instruments


A. Wings Eighteen, seventy, two or eighteen, seventy, two dash. Two, one to. At Ambon, which is in Indonesia was flying from Ambon to Babbo with forty nine passengers and three crew D my Indonesia accent. Yeah. I think you make an APP. I am was in the initial climb out of Ambon Putnam, Laura Airport's runway to just when just after becoming airborne all display units, standby instruments, communication and multifunction control display unit failed. All of it. The landing gear lever not good. No landing gear lever could not be retracted. Climbing through about two thousand feet the display units one and three partially recovered showing speed and altitude indications again, and about three thousand feet communication and remaining displaying its intermittently recovered and the landing gear retracted. They put their landing gear lever up and then finally goes. Okay. Yeah. Sure. You're up. You sure. It wasn't doing a Microsoft update or something might have been. So. I'm thinking. If this were instrument meteorological conditions. I believe we will be reading about the accident and terrible tragic crash of this flight however could easily be yeah without any insurance when you're going to do not ways up, right. Thankfully the weather was not quite as bad. I mean it wasn't perfect, but it wasn't IMC apparently. and they were able to maintain. Reference to the. Queues outside to keep the airplane flying straight and level and climbing all stuff aircraft stop the climate four thousand feet position for return to runway for about thirty minutes after departure but went around and enter to hold at seven thousand feet. The aircraft subsequently landed back on runway four, one hour fifty minutes past. Departure. In Asia Cayenne KT which I guess is there investigatory agency rated the occurrence a serious incident? Yeah. Open an investigation. There were no injuries and the aircraft sustained minor damage doesn't really say. How I can recall. Let's see. Then they go into a little bit more detailed by the way this is from the aviation. Excuse me. Aviation Herald. Let's see the weather during the situation was raining and the ground visibility was six kilometers. So you know wasn't. Great with not great. Let's see the. Starting process of the engines was normal when the aircraft taxied in lined up for runway to to. The aircraft took off and after airborne, the pilot verified the idol gate lever engaged I don't know what that is something to do with props. I guess suddenly all five display units and the integrated electronic standby instrument i. e s I went blank and the VHF radios burr off. the pilot glance to the overhead panel several lights eliminated. Consisting of the shed light on the D. C. Service utility busts, the available light on the external power push buttons. That problem they. Hit a great big generated. Along. With the we're just getting of course Pack lavatory detection engine boost. Hey we have a lavatory, we detected there. during the Situa- we just talked about that the pilot did not have flight instruments as reference for flight therefore, the pilot flew visually. about one minute. So everything came back and let's see why is it that they ended up holding for a while they run some checklist or something that the deal oh, I think he was waiting for the weather to improve. A bit before they came in for their landing. Yeah. Sensible. Relying, his attitude indicators. And other instruments. Yeah. Urinate Visual Reference Yeah. That was smart. So you know you'd think that was this the airplane that was kind of Pretty new or was that another one lows? Let's see Oh. August fourth twenty seventeen. Yeah. So it's Relatively, new airplane Not, sure. Exactly. What happened there some kind of electrical. Weirdness apparently yeah. I mean a supply problem but the thing that really concerns me as if you get a supply problem to you main instrument panels. Avis or whatever type of aircraft urine you would expect perhaps to lose some. But the one thing that should you should always bail rely on is you standby instruments they should be from a completely separate power sauce. Often. Just connected almost directly to the battery so that regardless of what else you've lost, you've got something to go on to help fly the airplane. the fact that he lost his signed by insurance as well. makes me seriously concerned about the architecture, the electrical system of of this aircraft. If, they find a full of manages to take out. So many buzzes by all buses that they also lose their same standby instruments that for me is a major concern. Yeah. I'm wondering if if that was something about the way, the electrical system was designed and manufactured or maybe. There was some kind of maintenance done to the airplane and they didn't connect all the bits and bobs correctly. I don't know I saw. The aircraft should be so capable on the ground before they get on something incorrect deep rooted of self diagnosing electrical problem If they wouldn't have got to have on, they had known that they had a major potential right room with their instruments. Sure. So this is just It happens. On a bus of had some problems in the pasta with unexpected glitches which have taken out all the display units but never have I heard of an Airbus having a problem with standby simultaneously that that is just nine national that is not supposed to happen. Ever. But did apparently in this case, and thankfully, the weather was good enough for them to maintain control their come. We had some pundits who had enough skill to bail to continue to fly the airplane the even relatively poor visibility with. Right around which meant horizon, the visual horizon would have been indistinct. They managed to interpret what was happening to the aircraft in their Themselves and not get fooled and not getting a situation where they lost control. So fantastic

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