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So nice to see you again interior. It's been a long while I o spend the two years since I left new. York At, busy. So Nice to be you. I will say that I was like, what am I gonNa say I like you from that? I was like Oh everything. You've done is like one of the things that I love the most? Well, I was GONNA. Say. So you recently started a podcast it's called busy Phillips is doing her best showing Thira is a huge part of that podcast. It's very and yeah. So you interview celebrities and people of note, and just talk about how people are pivoting and doing their best. At it is very timely to now you started this podcast before. Well, I feel like we sold it almost a year ago with October of last year you know basically we had a whole idea for a new way of doing things and making stuff and we were working on this really big projects that had a lot of moving parts and we had like our big meeting with all of these money people in New York that was scheduled for March sixteenth. how and that was that you know, and so I we. Timing. Yeah. You know whatever we're I feel very blessed in my life to be a person that's able to have perspective and self-awareness and Ceantierre and I have been talking a little bit during that time also just like we've kept in touch since busy tonight and I always just loved like are writer's room and busy tonight was really small is only three writers which for those of you at home that's slowly insane. Very. Small I think we had more writers doing ashby another. For. Clear they were being paid less. Absolutely. No one was making a ton of money. Why it was so confusing that they cancel because I was like is this show is free. Just crazy. The shoe string that we were managing to do that. You know I feel like was a really successful show at the. But nobody uses the term like indie talkshow nobody that but it really wasn't indeed talk show that's like. We. Definitely should have gotten. Independent Spirit Award. One hundred percent. If we could go back. Let's get some games. We gotta get. Some Games. Can we can I say one more thing though about the podcast Ligo I have a theme song that I sang and Mr Jonathan Coulton wrote the theme song for me to how did you not tell us this? All of our meetings, Jonathan talking about busy and getting ready for this. You'd you felt no need to just mention that I. You know I don't like to Brag. I WANNA tell everybody. I love. Good the full picture. Okay. So you eighty first game, you're going to work together in this one. I know shed Thira cut it knows the drill obviously, but you're gonNA, work together. This one this is a word game So those are typically on the tougher side. It's also about famous people and alcohol. Great things I love, right yeah. Let's go. So my God. In any particular order depending on the day? I'll take either both of them lift my spirits. So, we're going to give you a cocktail recipe that describes a mash up of a cocktail in the name of a celebrity and you are going to give us the Masher. I'm ready heads up I drink a whisky. NEAT. So I don't know if we're going to be the best mix and let's go. Here's your first one. Okay. Mix Rum Curragh CEO, or is that and fresh lime juice and serve it to the super model and new host of dancing with the stars and maybe you'll get a smile out of her. Okay. I know it's Tyra Banks Ray. Rum. My tyra banks, my tyrod. She and yeah, that was. Yeah. Okay, okay You Know My grandmother my dad's mom my parents lived in Hawaii because my dad was in the navy and she used to like to go to the pink hotel and she called them high ties. And not my. High Time? Because after one, she started saying hi. Tie. Another high tide. Instead of tie and so I always call them high tides. Forever, I'm in Hawaii, I'd go to the Pink Hotel and I have one in her honour office.

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