Your Pursuit of a Better Body and the Perfect Diet Is Never Going to Make You Happy


Welcome to the show folks I have today. Actually, an old family friend of mine Doug Wilson, who is the Minister of? Christ. Church in Moscow Idaho, Church that I attended through much of my childhood and also during college and still visit quite frequently whenever I'm down in Moscow Idaho which is only about ninety minutes from from my home in Spokane, and so I've I've known Mr Wilson for quite some time and he actually had a stint in the US Navy for a while. and. Then he attended the same university that I did University of Idaho ever while I got a glorified personal training certification he studied philosophy, and since then went on to do quite a bit notably, he he helped found and now serves on the board of Logo School, the school that my wife attended, which is a classical and Christian K through twelve school down in Donna Moscow he's also the senior fellow of theology at New Saint Andrews. College. In Moscow Idaho, which I would consider to be One of the better liberal arts institutions in the country actually end quite close to the coffee shop that my mom actually runs down in Moscow. Idaho and so I'm familiar with a lot of the students that go to that university as well or or that college as well a he has authored many books Mr Wilson is a prolific author and and his books are fantastic. He has A. Books on marriage on on child rearing on on I absolutely love his his titles on raising boys just because I have twin boys myself some excellent books on Christian Education his son Nathan Wilson. You might also be familiar with as as a as a well-known fiction author and all a link to to all of his books as well as everything else that we talk about if you go to Ben Greenfield fitness, dot com slash Doug, Wilson and. Doug also has about a metric ton of grandkids spread across the planet with what seems to be rapidly increasing frequency, and so he has a he has a lot of a lot of children out there bearing his name as. and so it the the topic that I really wanted to get into today is related to a book that Mr Wilson wrote called confession of a Food Catholic. I'm also going to link to that in the show notes as well because I I really really love to get. Your perspective. In by the way, I seem to be going back and forth between Doug and Mr Wilson, what do you prefer for for the show on Doug is great. All right. That's GonNa that's GonNa shorten the syllables I gotta us. All right. So so doug, you wrote this book called Confessions of a Food Catholic and and I know that you've also done quite bit of thinking about how we tackle this. the this relationship between health and fitness and pursuit of a better body and caring for our bodies and carrying for God's Temple but at the same time. Not kind of a sliding into into a selfish obsession with with our bodies and with health or with longevity or anti-aging at all costs, and this is certainly something that's been a a topic on my mind quite a bit lately and so. the this book confession of Food Catholic that you wrote with you say is dedicated all those at church dinners. I noticed didn't have enough protein on their plates and tried to cover it up by noticing I didn't have enough Greens on mine. Let, let's start here what what is a food Catholic and how would you describe yourself as a food. Catholic. Great. Thanks for having me on. This is a great opportunity afoot. Catholic is someone who believes that all foods are acceptable for us to eat with regard to our spiritual condition. In other words, I cannot put distance between me and God through anything I, put my mouth or I. Can't be put right with God through anything that I eat what I've noticed, and the reason I wrote the book is that many people feel they eat they feel a spiritual guilt either they feel if they eat poorly, if they missed the regimen that they assigned for themselves, it's not like, Oh, I failed to do the extra push up. It's there's a spiritual guilt that many people feel. And what I wanted to do was go to war with that sensation of guilt with regard to what you eat now if someone said yeah. But if someone had a a diet of deep fat fried twinkies and that's all. That's all they ate wouldn't that be bad for them or yeah it'd be bad for them. It'd be bad for their physical wellbeing is not healthy, but they're not corrupting their soul by means of the twinkie. Now, they may be corrupting their soul by means of their lack of discipline but that's a different issue. It's a different category. So we have a tendency to blame when we have a moral failing or. A spiritual shortcoming, we want to blame the stuff instead of addressing the root spiritual issue, which is your relationship to God i. think it's far worse to be fighting with someone over what they you go out to lunch with a friend and you spend the time quarrelling over what they ordered instead of just enjoying the time with your friend, right so so you're saying basically, is that sometimes the the legalism or the Self Righteousness That we get with with a lot of these laws that we set up for our self regarding food whether it's you know I'm going to be gluten free or I'm avoiding carbohydrates or I'm I'm not consuming vegetable oils because those aren't good for my body. What you're saying is that is that what you would care more about is not whether someone eats organic or processed food but why they're actually making those decisions exactly. So if What somebody else eats is frankly none of my business they're the one asked to eat it is their lunch they ordered it e if you want a a meal that's higher in fiber are lower in fiber or you need gluten not there or you maybe earth counter countering you order extra gluten. Right. Fixed. Diluting powder but we actually call that soy sauce. So. So you use this term in the book called the Food Pharisee, which is great. The P. H. O. Food Pharisee. And you describe these food pharisees as those who who would be unwilling to bring their food laws before the Bible to be examined and and said, that's a topic that Christians really need to think through biblically and when you get into this whole concept of a food fairs lifestyle, what I'd love you to do if possible is telling, you told me what you would describe a food Baresi. And then get into some of the issues regarding I. Think you break it down into into five different issues that this food pharisee lifestyle could be described as. So if you bring your food if you. Say Okay I want to compare how I eat to the Bible I to bring my food choices in the Bible. There's good news and bad news well, good news and bad news for the Food Pharisee. The good news is that whatever it is you're eating is fine. That's the good news. The bad news is whatever it is. Your neighbor is eating is also fine and the food pharisee is someone who wants to feel superior. They want to look down on someone who's making sub optimal choices right

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