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I'm talking with candace Queen, a multidisciplinary designer and the creator of Tabernacle Studio in Beaumont Texas. Let's start the show. Right. So tell us who you are what you do. Hi, my name's candace Queen and I'm a multidisciplinary visual creative, Amran, a creative studio in Beaumont Texas called. Tabernacle. And I've worked to use design and creativity to build equity and black communities in under service communities as well. Now, one thing I've been asking everyone over the past few months as I've been recording the show is. How are you holding up during this pandemic? I'm actually really thriving initially, I would say, I was very afraid, just personal level. I have several health issues and so knowing how all the different things that were coming about with Covid, and then of course, on the business side, I, initially focused on events when I started my studio and so having all the Vance Gate canceled. It really just put me in a a minor state of panic state of panic. Myself, and once I got over that Hump in really started like absorbing all itchy last conversations with influencers in an people, I really respected and admired. It really served as a source of motivation, and then going from there started to strategize how would I come out on the other side of this a whole lot stronger in. So I'm really comfortable and proud of the pivot that I'm making right now. I'm really thankful for the extra time. I've been able to spend with my family whether. You know zoom cost because right now, the only person could actually see me a person as my sister. It's taken a turn that I didn't know unneeded. It's. Helped me in a long run? That's really good. That's good to hear that you've been kind of thriving during the time I know that I think a lot of people were really kind of panicked at first because we didn't know. How? Serious this was going to be you know things were getting locked down and different states have different levels of kind of government, some sort of government. Mandate about whether. You should stay shelter in place or anything like that. But I can see especially like for entrepreneurs, and like you said, you were initially focusing on events like kind of that. The best time of the events during a time where we're not supposed to be getting together. So it's good that you are able to make that pivot. Yeah. In Texas. So it is definitely a challenge because we tended, we tend to be the more lax in terms of addressing everything in neuro. It's starting to catch up with US holistically, but thankfully. Hermit creative lands alive is virtual. So that's been a big help and I'm also thankful that actually made a move to a small town before all this happened because it's actually made it a bit easier to navigate to think in Chicago before I. Think I've been stuck in Chicago Far Away from my family by myself, it would have been a whole nother story. Yeah I'm in Georgia right now, and certainly I, know about the lax treatment I, think we had maybe about maybe three three and a half weeks of shelter in place in like now, they've lay reopened things at the end of April and now, of course, cases of already kind of steadily been going up but. Yeah I. Know What you mean with that. What made you decide to strike out on your own and start Tabernacle. So, when I initially came to the AD industry wasn't magma plan, it wasn't. You know something strategically it out to do I became interested in designing and just exploring creativity like way back in my space aids and I grew up in oil and gas town. So that was the expectation was egos engineering medicine legal or maybe a teacher, but never you know was encouraged to pursue anything creative indefinitely, not advertising. I also grew up in a very conservative tenneco hostile household. So we actually didn't have a TV. See commercials unless I was like at a family member's house celebrity didn't know anything about advertising. But once I got to college I realize medical elective in advertising and I realized I really want to pursue that and as I begin studied I, didn't see many black people and our curriculums, and so I started to research a lot Abou-. You know historical black figures advertising one person who really inspired. Inspired, me was Carolyn Jones and she started several agencies on her own in from there Mago became GonNa, get an advertising, get jobs agency, learn the ropes, and then create my own,

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