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We just had soon are on the show. Was it two months ago? And we're like what's up pixels and he like we gotta make him. Good. Did he make him good. I mean he made he made one one. Good. So the Pixel for a has been announced and released viewed it bunch of a tear. Actually, the podcast of used one but because the Pixel for is late and we can talk about why it is really close to when we're assuming the pixel five is gonNA come out. So Google is like you know what? Yeah, we're making a pixel five. It'll be out here this fall also there's GonNa be a pixel for a five G. 'cause you know that's what you want. So they just announced all three phones at once just Bam per year of you reviewed the. We've not seen photos of the five. We have seen various and confusing leaks all summer and Chris you might actually have a better handle around this afar but a bunch of the early leaks for like this must be the pixel five. Am It's like well, no, there's actually the probably the pixel for five G. now, and then there's more yet more internal documents, even more pixels at a foldable pixel like later on down the line like it's a fiasco in Pixel rumor land. Super. Confusing I mean they had that league. I think it was last month there was a phone. It looks just like the four day but they said it was the five and people weren't sure. But then it seems like they might get rid of their face ID clone which I really actually liked on the pixel of four like to just walk away from that the thumb reader but I mean, yeah, no one's really quite sure it's going to look like even the four five G. might have new specs or a bigger screen or who knows who knows what the story is I mean it's there's there's just always confusion about what's GonNa Happen is GonNa have brightly colored plastic rectangle smug s Yes The four as a decidedly, not brightly colored plastic rectangle. Four, you reviewed it. So the big big new innovation in the Pixel Foray is they dropped fifty bucks off the price. So it to three hundred, fifty dollars, which is. Pretty big. It's a pretty big deal It's a hundred bucks less than these storage equivalent iphone se. To get one I WANNA see one, hundred, twenty, eight gigs and they just like. Got Everything as good as you can probably get it on a three hundred, fifty dollar phone like I. Wish it had a faster processor but we live in a world of android where qualcomm. If you want to get a good qualcomm processor, you gotta spend way too much money. So I got like, okay one that's got a pretty solid screen. It's it's got a hole punch. It's got the Pixel camera a Becca actually pointed out to me when we were talking to them, she asked if it had was the sensor Becca three sixty three. Yeah. Same Sensor as. The Pixel four and the Pixel three and the Pixel three they've been using literally like the exact same camera stack for like two years now. So it's great. It makes takes rate photos but they haven't pushed it much. I would love it. If you could select your software tuning on the Pixel who right if you buy a pixel for and like make this shit, look like the Pixel two that would make me very happy because I thought the Pixel two looked it was the most contrast in the most dramatic and they have veered towards looking more like the overtime. But I wish. I. Could just be like go back to that look I love that look the best because if they're using the same hardware, they should give you the choices software, right? Everyone is just looking at me like. I mean it's like it's like saying you should just get your choice of. Clutch on your Mustang like it gets tied. The thing. Okay. Versus automatic. Put Your Ninety seven clutch in Twenty fifteen I mean you don't WanNa do that but you can be retune in anyway. Keep going the pixel for we're not gonNA talk about mustangs fingerprint sensor on the back. It works great. It's got a headphone Jack. because. Apparently low and phones are the only phone's headphone Jacks Anymore Beca you holding one right now you're holding. I'm holding one right now and what I'll have to say about this is that I love this thing like it gave me everything I like about phones in twenty twenty like a big screen and it's slim and the batteries diesen but it kept the things that I also love about previous cones that I love a fingerprint sensor like a one on the back and I love a headphone Jack and I love the Pixel camera in its three hundred and fifty dollars, which is a pretty good pricing twenty twenty for a brand new phone. There's this. There's this meme out there. For him but like there's this idea out there that like Google was bored with android in the pixels reflection of its board on this phone feel like they're bored with it. Now I'm bored with Andrew. Debut. The one new features accessibility feature for software a IT'll do real time captioning phone calls but it doesn't record them and it doesn't put them on the Internet. So don't have your conspiracy theories thrown at me Breitbart. They wrote it up terribly anyway So that's like the one thing but that's coming other pixels. It's just like Google. So committed to keeping the pixel software like really clean and basic relative to the madness that happens on every other android phone that it can feel a little bit boring and their decision to be really like understated with their design. I think it's like they've got they've. got a little bit too far. It's been like, no, no this is this is the the android phone that isn't flashy. It's just like a phone and after a while like that message gets through that like. Made a phone. Okay. Like they want it to be utilitarian to the point where it's like become a little bit boring. Thank you. Go. Has has been so long burned by Sergey Brin. Coming into Google glass event. On a hang glider. That's a real thing that happened they. US In like one of the founders landed on sage on a hang glider glass is the future and that was their last big attempt to be splashy. In it completely backfired like in every possible way

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