Fake Arnold Schwarzeneggers Pets Run Wild on The Jack & Rod Show The Howard Stern Show


Stern's show. So the boys booked a nutritious. And told him that this show topic was. All about home fitness during quarantine. Okay then they thrilled with to find out the celebrity. Yes. Was Arnold Schwarzenegger and. We knew that the real Arnold Schwarzenegger loves exotic animals. He's always posting videos from home with Pony whiskey and his donkey Lulu. Yes. So we thought it would be great if his pets went nuts during the interview and here's here's a little clip of that. Is really hard to work out sometimes because the environment at home everything all did strike shins is hired incredibly incredibly hard. got a donkey. Have a little miniature pony in the house. Well. You're experiencing some stuff I can't relate to percents. Creating Sake you idiot well I gotTa tell you. Know. I just get bitten in the leg by my. Actually working out with animal. Well, as you can see, yes, it's very important. To the environment of course I'm sorry. So The call went on. Fake Arnold Schwarzenegger then told the nutritionist he drinks donkey piss. For health reasons. This thing kept quite frankly this phone call the reason I'm playing it to you in clips it went on and on and on and on and you. Can Get off the vote. He wouldn't get off the phone. Once Arnold says he drinks donkey urine for health reasons you think well, maybe this is ridiculous but they kept going Oh my guy running around there shitting on the floor. pissing everywhere. Yesterday, I drink entire bottle of urine donkey urine. It's disgusting, but it's filled with a lot of nutrients. I'm GONNA drink some right now. Wow. It's so good for you. And heavy. Corona Lynch. Time I haven't heard that certain types of urine have more I get antioxidants and others I mean this thing. Is a saga. Because the idea with a phony phone call is to do something. So stupid that the person hangs up eventually that's right. It's just insane. There was no way to get the guy to hang up. Is this guy lonely. Road. I'm Tom, drinking donkey and. Oh. Okay. We. Heard that that was good for working out. POWERED STERN SHOW

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