Ethiopias struggle to stay united


Ethiopia has split once before in nineteen ninety-three. Eritrea Ethiopia had annexed in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, two voted to secede after a decades long war for its independence. That break was not a clean one. Another war between Ethiopia and Eritrea followed in the late Nineteen Ninety S. After which retrieve retreated into isolation militarization and paranoia because a sort of North Korea on the Red Sea. Ending hostility between Eritrea and Ethiopia officially accomplished as recently as two thousand eighteen was considered such a feat of deploying the see that it one. Recently, arrived Prime Minister B amid the Nobel. Peace Prize. I was a young soldier when well broke out between Utopia and. I witnessed firsthand the ugliness of war in frontline battles. There are those suave never seen war, but glorify romance is it They have not seen the fear they have not seen the Arctic. They have not seen the restriction or break nor are they failed the mournful and bitterness of war after the carnage WAR IS EPITHELIAL FAIL FOR ALL INVOLVED Ahmed may now face another test of his diplomatic capacities to stop another portion of Ethiopia setting up shop on its own this week the Ethiopian state of Gray held elections despite instructions from the federal government not to. Federal government prefer to correspond election because of the COVID nineteen. But the people of to. Know that the reason for postponing the election is not covid nineteen. We believe that it's political than the heads issue. So and we know how much we paid for such an election to happen or to occur. And the government the people to have paid the lives of sixty thousand people we don't want to pay lives. In order to have the constitution that we have already, we know that this is a threat to the constitutions that we have it some twenty years back. To agree is easier appears northernmost region lying along what is now the westernmost stretch of the border with era that tegray has issues with the government in outer suburbs that can be gleaned from the briefest survey of the composition of Ethiopia's national parliament the house of Peoples Representatives Ov- it's five hundred and forty seven seats five, hundred twelve occupied by the Prosperity Party a unity coalition assembled late last year by Ali Ahmed. The thirty five a held by the People's Liberation Front, and now more than ever there might be a clue in the name. To understand how we got here a brisk through the. backstory is probably in order. The teepee Aleph was founded in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, five shortly after the military coup in Saba, which overthrew emperor highly selassie and installed the brutal Linens Junior, which became known as the Doug. was only two years ago that people were able to give vent the grief that shattered every family during the seventeen silent years a fear under the regime of Mengistu Highly Marian. These are the relatives of Mengistu's first victims members of highly selassie imperial government executed without trial in November one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, four, the year, Mengistu begun his bloodstained rise to power. The spent his formative years waging war against the Derg, and as is the way of revolutionary movements other tegray in revolutionary movements. When the Doug was finally toppled in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, one. Were at the forefront of the forces which changed the regime and they made certain to stay there. Though members of the Tigrayan. Ethnic group account for barely six percent of Ethiopia's population that. was a huge influence on the eighth. European politics. In the subsequent decades, it was a dominant part of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic. Front. The coalition which governed from the fall of the Derg until Abi Alma dismantled last year and reassembled at as the Prosperity Party

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