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Our trail of tears. And there's where weak or a decadent where Americans which means road trip history buffs, one minute amnesiac the next We want to remember except when we want to forget. Barden may by is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo register at the Chattanooga Choo Choo, the Chattanooga Choo choo to It's a hotel, now a gloriously hokey, beautifully restored Holiday Inn, in which the lobby is the ornate dome of the old train station in the rooms or turn of the century rail cars parked out on the tracks were in giggles Thie entire night for the simple reason. That the phrase Choo Choo is completely addictive way try to work it into every sentence. What should we do for dinner? Stay here. A teacher Chu Way end up going out for barbecue, saying this's good, but I can't wait to get back to the tutu. We watched the X files in our train car, commenting Is it just me or is this show even better in the future? Do I send email from my laptop? Just so that I can write greetings from the Chattanooga Choo to exclamation point number of times. I just said 2 to 7 number of choose 14. Sadly, we check out of the tutu and drive across town to Ross's landing. It used to be where John Ross is very service carried people across the Tennessee River. But in 18 38. It was one of the starting points for the water route of the trail, tears. I stand on the sand and read a weathered historical marker Established about 18 16 by John Ross. Some 370 yards east of this point It consisted of a ferry warehouse and landing Cherokee parties left from the landing for the west in 18 38. Same year, The growing community took the name Chattanooga, and I'm sure there's no connection at all between those two points. That sounds so nice lead left for the West. Bye. I haven't mentioned that. Ross's landing also functions as Chattanooga's tourist center.

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