This schedule, not a lot of days off, all concentrated and the worry about the pandemic. Is it


Than two outs. And yesterday in the first game of the doubleheader, they had the bases loaded. Nobody out. But nobody across and that's the difference in the game from yesterday. Yeah, it will be interesting to see what Jessie seems to think. Because we've got the players that can actually do it. We've seen him do it. They're not showing up. It's funny. I'm looking at their schedule, and the Cubs don't have an off day until next Monday. The 14th now there's not a lot of off days here anyway, but that week they have. They're often Monday, the 14th Ralph on month on Thursday, the 17th. But other than that, after they play ST Louis today, and tomorrow they play the Reg for three games. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. Then they go to Milwaukee for Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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