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Excited I don't know about you. This asked the debate schedule Yes dugout Joe Biden pugs tiny Joanna I'm fond of colon was calling him no disrespect intended but hitting the campaign trail because you know the kickoff for well when the gloves come often basically anything goes is the Labor Day weekend. So you've got all four candidates, veep and presidential. Making. Their way around the country and doing the best to totally demolish the competition. But yes, despite what Speaker Pelosi said about well, Joe should not even deign to. Give president trump the credibility of the office by debating him. Well, I think Joe well understood the downside of that equation and the decision has been made the schedule has been set for the twenty twenty presidential and vice presidential debates candidates off a later this. September into. October. So here's the shedule president trump former vice president joe. Biden will meet on the stage breakout the PUP court. Will you watch it? I now you know I do it. So you don't have to but I think this is going to be highly entertaining. President trump and former vice president. Joe, Biden will meet on stage for the first of three debates. I've already got it on my calendar. September. twenty-ninth in Cleveland Ohio while their running mates vice president, Mike,

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