Psychic vs. David C. Smalley

Dogma Debate


Please join me in welcoming Michael Bodine. PODCAST Michael Jordan Myth Hey how you guys doing nice to hear you. We're doing all right as as good as twenty twenty will allow right now. Anyway. No. Kidding. It's been a weird year. Why didn't you guys worn us about this horsh did well I'm you know there are some people that did the psychics? Every psychic is different. You know like some psychics do world events and some people find your keys and you know some people. Talk to your dead relatives and and you know some people talked to. Your pets you know they all have different weird stuff and like there's the few you some of these world event people they were just like buzzing. You know they were. They were but still those are the kind of people hiding a basement with aluminum foil her don't get out much because they're so afraid of everything. So they're not the most communicative people in the planet but but they you know they they sit around and feel stuff. Let's GONNA come up. Next I would hate that I would just I would say that I have. For years you know people talked about twenty twenty, they talk about Oh. It's the end of the you know Mayan calendar and the ex you know it was kind of it was similar to the year two thousand except there wasn't the big tech freak out. Right? It was. The end of the world twenty twenty is this other thing and I think even. some I think Sylvia Brown even wrote something in her book about Twenty Twenty there being some sort of pandemic and. I thought that was really interesting because I never took her seriously but it's hard to take seriously but you know. She had a good magic eight ball I think. but everybody talked about it being this crazy thing and of course, you know skeptics like myself and a lot of people it was like, of course, that's nonsense. Of course there's nothing happening, and then right at the top of twenty twenty, we literally global pandemic and then it's just being after thing after thing, and now there's apparently an asteroid. Heading, right for us. It's going to pass. It's going to suck him earth. It might bounce off the Atlantic Ocean or something like. Jesus decided to skip rocks from heaven or something things. And, and it's going to happen. The day after election day or something and I'm depending on who wins I might welcome that damn thing. So. Yeah I mean at this point at this point I'm like, what else can twenty twenty do? I probably shouldn't say that out loud but Jeez, it's been crazy. It has been it has been crazy but you know the cool thing about it is that they're it's you know when when the whole darkness thing comes, it's it supposed to. Show the light you know it's supposed to show the light on people people supposed to shine stronger and the people that are supposed to come into play do because they're they're forced to do it. It's I. Mean I know it sucks in a lot of ways but a lot of people are doing things that they wouldn't have normally done because they're being forced to do it because they're they're being pushed. You know like the. Dark stuff is just saying, no, no, no, and they're fighting back not all of them but most of them, a lot of people are fighting back and they're they're of stand up for himself. So it's Kinda it's Kinda good in a way, but it's for a psychic sucks because the whole vibe of the country you can just feel it. You know you can feel it all the time and people are Kinda just they're just kinda. Down or they're anxious or there. There's this weird vibe and I live. Pretty close to. Where George Floyd got killed and so there's a lot of energy around here about all that stuff and. It's just it's just it's just an odd thing. But ever since I was a kid I grew up around psychics grew up around people that were trying to figure this stuff out and there's always there's always gonna be a year where that was it yesterday's news and I think there's been like five of them since I was a kid where that year we were all going to die and when I was a kid I kind of got scared but then you know after the second or third or fourth time and nothing happened just. Don't. Let it bother me like I used to because I don't really. I don't see an end at times. I'll die someday but I think I think it's really about learning how to overcome all of it as opposed to. As opposed to just giving in into it

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