Trump Administration Appeals Census Extension


Administration appealing accords order extending the census counts through the end of October. The announcement comes just hours after a federal judge granted Just from the city of Los Angeles and other plaintiffs to add another month to the count. My guess is the administration is going to see to take this case to the U. S. Supreme Court L. A city attorney Mike Fewer we and the coalition of which were proudly apart are going to fight every step of the way standing up for the constitutional principle that every American should be counted and standing up for those of us here in Los Angeles and other jurisdictions. That rely on the accuracy of the census to assure we have representation. We're entitled to in Congress and the funding that everyone in our region relies upon for things like education and transportation, essential things. The U. S District Court judge who issued the ruling to keep the count going through October, 31st finds the administration's plan to end it on September, 30th will likely lead to an undercount and result in less federal funding for law and other localities, with many hard to count residents. We have reached out to the Justice Department for comment. Nothing yet. Fescue Takeo Next 10, 70 NewsRadio and

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