5 Ways to Spice Up Your Pix Life


Much has been written about the evils of your Acquisition Syndrome often referred to as gas. And the US. It is a real thing for many photographers. But my personal view of this election is isolated more to spending big bucks on cameras and lenses. What about those smaller purchases that bring us true joy and energize our enthusiasm for photography. I'll make my anti gas case on today's tedious podcast I. Hope You enjoy the show. I don't know if you've ever done this but I'm going to admit you right now. That I have okay. Now fortunately is just you and me so you know no one else will. No I've never I've never admitted this anywhere else before. And this is the truth I'm telling you the truth right now. So but just from my mouth to your ears right now have you ever Set. A new camera or an accessory for it. On. The table in front of you while you worked watch TV listen to music you know just. said it there It wasn't in use. There was no particular reason to do this. Other than you just wanted to look at it and admire it's beauty. I've done that. Honestly, I. I have done that more than once. To cases that come to mind right now, the first one is the Olympus pen. F. In its handsome leather half case Oh. My Gosh. What a beauty So pretty. The other one is the Fujifilm x one hundred V with its aluminum grip? Yeah. That's pretty two different cameras you know the my pen F is a silver Penev. Got Some really beautiful silver lenses and I get this brown leather half case with a matching rhys strap. Really Nice and then my ex one hundred V is the all black model which I really liked for the Fuji Film. And it has this aircraft aluminum grip really really pretty. Really Nice. And when I look at these things sitting on the table in front of me. While I'm watching TV, while I'm listening to music while I'm browsing the web doing whatever the heck. I do at ten o'clock at night. It makes me WANNA go out and take pictures you know I go i. Can't wait to get that camera my hands and go do something. And that's the idea that's the idea and especially right now that's the idea. To be excited to have enthusiasm to you know want to go do something that you actually can do pick up your camera and go take pictures when we're a bit stale feeling that stale how can we spark this kind of joy? Without digging our credit cards for a fifteen hundred dollar charge in my trick as you've already figured out has been through new accessories and techniques, and you may be surprised to know that I have five of these. To share with you this week. Okay. So let's let's get started on these little things. This is my anti-gas list. Okay. Because they don't qualify they don't call not one of these qualify. For Gear Acquisition Syndrome and you can argue that with me but I'm not going to yield on this on already. Here we got and I'm GonNa fool with you on the first one the first one's. GonNa. Mess with you right out of the shoot. The first one is a new Lens. Coin what you just said, right a new lens but a vintage one. Yes. So it's only new to you is been around for a long time. Yes. You could spend twelve hundred dollars on a new state of the art optic no problem. You can spend more than that if you wanted. But scoring of vintage beauty for one hundred dollars or less. Can Be just as satisfying in evokes a far less guilt. In the images that this glass producers can truly inspiring because it seems like each lens that you find on Ebay or craigslist or Oetzi or your local camera shop each vintage lens that you find has a different feel to it and. Go. Wow. This is really Kinda neat and sometimes in the world of digital optics everything sort of produces the same super magnificent results right which is great. Until you know a thousand frame of the same super magnificent result and he got I really would like to see something different. A new vintage lens can do that. And since most of US shoot murless or have a meritless camera, they adapt these lenses adapt. So well, meritless cameras. It's not even funny. You can get an adapter for like fifteen bucks at works. Great. You have this manual Focus Lens you take some pictures with it. You're going. Wow, this is really interesting. This looks different. It's different operating is different looking through the electronic viewfinder with it's just different the way around and it can be very motivating very inspiring. It can push you to photograph things that you might bypass otherwise just because turn out interesting with this particular Lens.

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