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Ninety, three T. as in talent. That's right. We're talking to the talent directly. Of course, anybody can listen even the hiring manager spot. This, this morning some. Some crib notes some shortcuts. Some best practices if you're looking for work. A number one thing you can do. Que did I, get your attention this a number. One thing you can do if you're looking for gainful employment. Fix your attitude. You thought I was GONNA. Say something difficult right. I don't think there's anything more difficult. Do you ever know people that are just everything comes out of their mouth is Negative can't do this won't do that shouldn't do this or the other thing just. People that typically you don't like being around at least I don't like being around. After laugh icy from time to time articles and posts and podcasts. You know about how to deal with naked if people. And it's probably good for most people I have just eliminated them all from my interactions. At a mentor many moons ago. Mike Murdock and he said looked do not give a critic anytime zero Nada Zilch. Why because then you don't have time for the people that lift you up the build you up. That you enjoy each other's company lifting each other to higher levels so I, I've eliminated long ago. It doesn't even register anymore it just. Is like water off a duck's back in. Just, doesn't affect me so if you want. To to Change Your career your outlook, your your status in life everything about yourself number one change your attitude. Now I understand that's easier. Said than done. UNDERSTANDS A fulltime job. But the rewards are so amazing. Why would you? Why would you not do it right? So Next question. How do you make that happen? Hey, scam new to this thing you know this This attitude adjustment? How do I make that happen? Well for me the easiest is just change who you hang out with. And I mean that in a big sense not you know physically on a day-to-day basis that counts but. I hang out with this. Guy Les Brown he I believe is the number one motivational speaker in the world at this moment in time and has been. For the last. Been Falling since ninety two I think. So that's what. Eighteen years. So for the last eighteen years less brown I. Think is at the top of the game. Now I've heard them all and I'm Fan I'm a big fan of them all like. Zig Ziglar Charlie Tremendous Jones. Mark Victor Hansen and a bunch of others. But. The just something about less brown his down to Earth. Homespun. Sites. it just resonates with me. So I spend time with him I have a couple particular. podcast of episodes. Audio sessions of him that I I listened to repeatedly one is called. It's not over until I win. He gave this at the Georgia Dome in ninety two. May Be in I think it was ninety two. And that's when he first popped on my radar screen. Then I got chance in person a couple times and. and. So hang out with people that have a positive attitude. In. That might mean spend time with a podcast or video. So number one, you got to change your attitude number two. How do you do it? You hang out with positive people even if it's via podcasts fact I'll include Lincoln. The show notes the one of my favorites right now in fact. It's a podcast called tremendous leadership by Dr Tracy Jones who is the daughter of Charlie Tremendous Jones in a recent she happened just happened to have Mark Victor Hansen on the program saw all included Lincoln the show knows this is going to blow your mind it did mine and I followed him both for years. I'm one of Mark's biggest fans I. Don't know if you know that mark if you're listening. But. I'm a guy who bought the book, the One minute millionaire. Studied it night and day apply the lessons in the book. Within weeks? And generated an

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