11 Trivia Questions on Singulars and Plurals


All right. Here we go. Guys eleven questions on singular and plural 's I'll give you the word and what we're looking for, and you give me the answer number one we're looking for the plural of cactus number one, the plural of CACTUS number one. Question number two, the singular of criteria number two, the singular of criteria. Number three on your list, the plural of Prius like the type of car you might drive a Prius number three, the plural of priests. And question number four, the singular of data number four, the singular version of data. Number. Five, we have the plural of vortex, the plural of vortex. And number six, the singular of bacteria, the singular form of bacteria. Number seven, the plural of Alexis number seventy plural of ellipses. Question Number Eight, the singular of nine number eight, the singular of alumni. Question number nine, the plural of phenomenon number nine, the plural of phenomenon. And number ten the plural of Laos number ten to plural of Laos. Your bonus question for singular and plural for two points of your playing along at home we're looking for the singular of Biscardi the singular of the Scotty. Those are all your questions for singular and plural from don airs in San. Diego. California we'll be right back in just a second with the answers. We are back with the answers to singular plural. Let's see what you knew. Number One. The plural of CACTUS is CACTI NUMBER ONE CACTI CSI number to the singular of criteria is criterion criterion like the criterion collection. Those are the single best movies in existence according to their website number three plural if Prius is pre so pri I number three, pre I similar to CACTI number four singular data is a datum datum would datum dat you. Number five, the plural of vortex. VORTICES vortices number six. The singular of bacteria is bacterium bacterium number seven plural of ellipses is ellipses ellipses number eight singular of alumni is alumnus or the female Alumna number eight singular of alumni is alumnus or Alumna number nine. The plural of phenomenon is phenomena phenomena and number ten. The plural of Laos is lice you don't want to get those in grade school and the. Bonus, for two points. The singular of Biscardi, is Bescot Toto shot to my brother Scott Buds who I often call. Scotto.

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