Group of survivors from the



51 worshippers in a terrorist rampage of two mosques in Christ Church, New Zealand last year. The suspected white supremacist is expected to represent himself as his sentencing hearing begins. He'll be allowed to address the court on DH statements are expected from dozens of survivors. The judge has the power to jail Tarrant for the rest of his life, a sentence never previously imposed in New Zealand. Simon Oh, in Fox News. Israeli lawmakers. We're trying to negotiate a last minute deal to push back on Monday night budget deadline and avoid sending the country to its fourth parliamentary elections in less than two years by law if the government does not pass the national budget by 90 days after its formed, the Knesset automatically dissolves. Finally, after being delayed for months because of covert 19 the NT 500 races today, Marco Andretti was shocked to come away with the pole last weekend for the Indianapolis 500, The first time a member of one of racing's most famous families took the top spot since 1987. I was screaming my helmet like I was so happy and then I came in, and I like it. Alone my voice out, So I'm trying to do interviews and people think I'm choked up and crying but actually just didn't have a voice and ready. Scott Dixon

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