Two South Dakota tribes urge residents to avoid COVID-19 hotspots


This is National Native News Antonio Gonzalez to South Dakota tribes are urging their citizens to avoid large events and cities due to Cova nineteen safety concerns as tourist traveled to the state. This month, the oglala Sioux tribe in a letter to its citizens asks them to refrain from going to Sturgis and rapid city where the sturgis cycle rally and the central state fair are held. The oglala Sioux tribe is under Cova nineteen orders including shelter in place and off reservation travel is. Is for essential purposes, the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe is also asking its citizens to be mindful of traveling off the reservation and only to do so first central business chairman frazier of the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe and his daily radio address to residents Monday on k. i. p.. I said one concern is limited health services especially for those in need of enhanced care rapid city generally gets filled up probably has the rallies and and all the tourists and so forth and August is time that There's very, very, very limited on the number of bad. So. month. It's probably a good idea to try to really really be cautious and and what you do and and where you go because hopefully, we don't have have that but. If someone should need higher level care. There may not be rapids anyway now be. Be a place, and that's why it's important that we keep track of the number. And the State of south, Dakota, but also in rapid city, as well as Bismarck because there were someone, a major places. A lot of our people get referred to John. River Sioux. Tribe has checkpoints on highways. non-residents will be turned around at checkpoints unless they have an essential reason to travel on the reservation. The oglala Sioux tribe is also monitoring reservation borders. The US Census and tribal partners are continuing to make a push for an accurate count of American Indian and Alaska. Native people for the twenty twenty cents us the choctaw nation. An Oklahoma is among tribes urging citizens to complete census forms to ensure funding for public safety schools, highways healthcare, and other services. Rod grenade with the choctaw nation talked about the tribes campaign to inform citizens and avoid an undercount from ten years ago during a census called this summer with reporters. Learned that the a lot of the cities and counties in our treating territory, which is eleven thousand square miles comprising about eleven, counties of Oklahoma. We learned that a lot of the government's and areas were not looking for the sensor. Still we stepped in and offered a partner with them, and we help them pull together county by county complete count committee, and partnering with them by providing data on. Economic losses incurred as a result of the census undercount here. And we are currently operating. They major media campaign, we're spending where we're prepared to spend. Over a million dollars in promoting in getting word out about the census, the census can be completed online mailed in or by telephone now through the end of September. The Alaska I of natives, the largest statewide native organization in Alaska announced, its annual convention will be virtual this year due to covid nineteen safety concerns according to a statement Alaska Federation. Of Natives. President. Julie Kit. CA said, the high risk factors of holding a large indoor meeting with lots of elders and delegates coming in from across Alaska far outweigh the benefits of gathering in person, the virtual convention will be held in October with both live presentations and pre recorded videos from native leaders, state and federal officials. The theme for the Twenty Twenty. Convention is good. Government Alaskans decide in a nod toward census twenty twenty and the upcoming election. I'm Antonio.

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