Messi Dazzles as Barca Advance



Barcelona taking on Napoli One, one, this of course going. into the second leg at the camp. Now, boss in the end winning by three goals to one heads of discussing Alley Moreno Frank Leboeuf who's about to become a grandfather for the first time. He's adore to in labor and without comment we also introduced Craig Burley as well to the program Craig. Let's start. Shall we reflecting on that win for at the camp now once again Lionel Messi was instrumental. Thank. You. So when you went for thirty thousand and just just delaying the inevitable for him one more game going to the core finals. You know and you can't say much more than. in terms of the performance, it was unsurprising that. Not Play who finished seventh and Sarah will still very much towards the end of the game I thought that you'd brought Milijana Burt eller physical presence. And get more balls in the balked. He didn't do that until the last ten or twelve minutes and so bacelona got away with it was messy sharpness. That gotten through particularly the the bold inactivation killer Bali. For, the kick, but there was one or two calls in the Game B-. Bustle, and got the job done is they should have. Done done against the site are not the best in Syria. We'll talk about some of these dubious calls in a moment but I thought you talked about the so much. Have we I feel after every Barcelona game about how dependent they are on messy? Yeah, it's it's not gonNA take not anytime soon that is the way that they play and everybody on the field looks for where Messi is and give him the ball and led him resolve the issues. There isn't any more productivity coming from anywhere else other on the field. There is a through ball from anybody else there isn't a final pass from anybody else across from anybody else if it's not messy, essentially winning the ball given to himself, crossing the to himself and finishing himself it's very, very difficult to see where Barcelona produces Brielle, goalscoring opportunities and. Again. Today we saw Nantong agrees bid a lot of running a lot a lot of work for the team defensively by very little impact offensively restarted scores have penalty gig, but very little outside of that and really what was truly surprising about this game in the second half is to see Barcelona at home just renounced possession just four for the possession say, yeah, you will. You have the ball you see if you can create something on, we're going defend. Now this is Barcelona we're talking about this is not a millennial team. This is not a defensive team, per se and yet at team that you have historically seen at the count now just knocking the ball around really. Possession Monday, the rhythm of the game that is not what we saw today in the second half they were more than happy to sit behind the ball, very unlike Barcelona but in the end effective effective and to advance onto the next round. Frank is testament to what have done in this competition over previous years. The even three one up I home with ten minutes ago you still felt you had to watch this game to the end just in case Napoli got back into it. Yes. Exactly. Because you know that defensive, a bustling is very fragile and the showed that many many times and. And the consistency now they're the talent is not as well except that you have a fantastic little man missy to also do young think he did well, I mean the outside the food when he gave him the giftable macy when he scored and the goal was. disallowed. is an absolute beauty but otherwise, Yeah Celine Craig, it's very very. Well you. No performance style you know where where you don't see many things you you see only one guy doing the difference and that's it and you you I wanted to to see after the. Win Win scalding just before the off time. Say Six second time. It's going to be better. Maybe we're going to see something. Well, he didn't happen to the bid at some point but. How. The of the day you Didn't see a good game good game I. so average she'll team against I've sees a dude, the shade of the that we known I think we're doing the rest of these bustle and a disservice here. Yeah, they're under performance. There's no doubt about it, but sometimes players even the best players are looking for guidance and we know we know there are holes in the boss loners squad the there's quite a few top teams have holes in the squad. But did you spend all in? Well, let's see. It's just a messy for Barcelona. I think when you look around, I think what they need to find as as yeah, a balance within the squad which comes through budget. But a coach, find a key to unlock the clear talent there, and it takes some pressure off message Volvo they struggled and lost his job and said to him was a man it was going to commend with as Grit football style from Betas and nuts really not happened, and so there is more in the locker for boss of them were seeing I'd just feel that the sampler not playing well, another players looking for guidance. And yet defined the court this going to command and the last twelve to eighteen months or so and fainter sets up the gets the best of everybody else as well as getting the best Lino. Messy then Barcelona will be in better

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