Canada Finance Minister Quits Post Amid Charity Scandal


Look at a chapter of political tunnels. Now here in Canada where yesterday the country's finance. Minister Bill More No. Long one of the prime minister's closest political allies resigned it follows lingering ethics scandal that has surrounded Trudeau's government for some time by this stage well, today a little earlier prime to treat. That Christie Freeland Canada's deputy prime minister would replace bill more now at the finance ministry becoming the first woman to hold that post Donyell. The murmurings around bill more knows future had been simmering hearing the Canadian Press for several days. By the time, his resignation announcement came last night. What's your reaction to? What is yet another high profile resignation from Shudo's cabinets in the five years of says since he took office. Yeah, quite a quite another big controversy four Trudeau in the middle of summer I think you know off the bat whatever reason the liberals are given. Four giving for more knows exit here is a messy one that. It was said that he wouldn't be seeking election. Again, we'll be looking for other opportunities. We know that he'll be looking to helm the AC, which is a great post for him perhaps in a good career move. But at the end of the day, this comes down to. Another sticky situation for the prime minister that really threatens to derail the progress that they've made in. The coronavirus crisis namely their popularity with Canadians. But once again, another distraction for the prime, which raises questions about the ship he sailing and him as the captain let's say. This begs the question of whether Mr Trudeau is simply impossible to work with. Now this is just another controversy that comes only a week Tomasz after we spoke about the last controversy involving. The Governor General Julie Pie itch and the toxic workplace she's been accused of creating butts. The liberals the government to appoint a successor in Canada's first governor of the Bank of Canada and Christina Freelance who held the interesting post of Deputy Prime Minister and not a lot of Canadians were used to to that role before Justin Trudeau but she is his most senior cabinet minister and and now most trusted ally. But that group of People Tomasz as you know is is getting shorter as the months go on. It's seeming time and again, like Trudeau is is just a very tough guy to work with and when he doesn't get his way, well, you get run out of town we should also point out that. Bill, more know. Perhaps. Put. His foot in it and didn't help the situation on on the fact that he wasn't agreeing with the prime minister but we can set that aside they didn't handle that well but also a big controversy besides this is this we charity, of course where. He and his family and the Finance Minister and Bill Maher. Now both have personal and family ties to this charity and should have recused themselves. I don't think that. The, the picture, four Canadians by I think that picture. is becoming more and more for. Canadians. Like. An elite privilege class squabbling over not being able to work together and I think that really does not play well, obviously trudeau lost. His majority after the last election and who knows where it's it's going from here because it doesn't seem like he's going to be able to keep some of his top ministers around for very long?

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