Joss Stone launches 'A Cuppa Happy'



PODCAST host Red Circle has launched a new automated ads platform that makes it easy to buy host read ads on thousands of podcasts. We've simplified the buying experience in what has traditionally been a very fractured market CEO. Michael Cayden. Congratulations to the pod fest global summits who claim that they've just hit the number that sets the Guinness World Record for largest virtual podcasting event in a week, here's a fun Friday facts for you. The Guinness World Record for the largest glass of orange juice was set by podcasting robed greenlee way back in June one, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety, eight, it measured two thousand three hundred thirteen litres. Here's a TV report from the day. This is. The huge glass of orange juice from the Florida, citrus people, and this is rob. Greenlee tells you give a message here with this big glass Oj don't you? Yeah. Our messages to drink more orange juice drink more issue's defaulted Poltrak have released that top twenty US podcasts for July twenty twenty surprisingly cereal has risen from below the top fifty up to number eleven because of the publicity surrounding the New York Times purchase of cereal productions May. Occur. Only measures participating publishers. Semi box is a new podcast studio setup in Nairobi that lets anyone record a podcast come in record within twenty four hours. They'll send you a finished version to share with the world according to an interview with Polar Roca. Timber media has interviewed me show Yussef the producer of the missile Obama podcast Gaffey is now integrated into headliner to allow you to add stickers and gifts to any social video you make of your podcast and Hey James it's me Alexa. EXA wants to know another thing my masters at Amazon want you to do in your podcast according to their terms and conditions. Let's talk about incontinence three. After if you mentioned incontinence products in any advertising in your podcast, whatever it is, they won't tell me then you can't have more than three ads every day, but I'm just appalled Kosta. How would I know how many ads people have heard and sorry I can't help with that point and thank you tearing Newsham a CO founder of ignificant noise for becoming our latest personal support with grateful for many personal support zoo. Help US produce poured news every day you can join eric at news dot net slash support Any podcast news happiness. What is it? How do we find it at? How do we keep it once we have? Singer and Songwriter John. Stone. has launched her own podcast at copper happy which launched on Monday featuring interview with illusionist Darren Brown and smokescreen faked priest is the story of Father Ryan Scott who was accused of swindling millions of dollars over thirty years new from neon hum media. It launched yesterday,

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