Marijuana sales spike during COVID-19 pandemic


Making a comeback what's going up the hill from his radio? Yeah. Good morning, Tony. This is this is really an interesting twist here because in the midst of the pandemic where we've seen our economy go onto shaky ground we have We have our unemployment hovering in double digits. Now the marijuana industry has really gone through the roof. Here. We have seen a an increase of 40% over last year so far this year and the sales of cannabis in the country. Medical and recreational expected to be more than $15 billion that number is expected to go over 35 billion by 2024. And is this connected right now to the pandemic, the experts say. Absolutely, it is Tony because anxiety right now is the number two reason that people list for getting a medical marijuana card and medical marijuana is now available in 33 states and the District of Columbia. In some form, like in Kentucky, CBD oil is allowed as part of that. But, ah, anxiety is listed as number two on Lee behind chronic pain, and, of course, anxiety has risen for a number of reasons during this pandemic. Another thing, the experts say, another factor involved his boredom. People are just a shuttered and in many cases have been from time to time during this pandemic, and this was kind of a release there, and also another factor to is that they say. That the extra $600 a week for the unemployed well with extra disposable income. Some of that went to the purchase of U got it Marijuana, So this is really creating a situation where this is booming At a time when many businesses are really struggling, there have been record sales reported. In states like Illinois, Oregon, Colorado all have recreational marijuana, Of course, Michigan expected to top $2 billion in sales over the next couple of years. California's number wanted over $3 billion a year in sales and get this one in Pennsylvania. Tony Patient visits to cannabis dispensaries, up 70% since February. Wow. So are they smoking token or nibbling doing a little of each? It's a little of each of the main and and of course, it varies from state to state on what is allowed for medical marijuana. Like I said in Kentucky, it's CBD oil in others. You might have any, uh, any type of option in other states who might have only edibles allowed or even some type of topical treatments. So it varies from state to state, but still, the most popular overall is the inhaled variety. So let me ask you a question, because what's interesting to me about all of this is that it is still a federal crime possessed by or sell pot. If the if the fans wanted to crack down and they don't have the prison support And or the placing, probably to be able to do this. But if they were to crack down on this particular topic what for that, too? Could it be done? I really don't think it could be done because a lot of states in particular have decriminalized. If they have not legalized it. They have de criminalized. It s so that even possession of marijuana for recreational use will not be prosecuted. If the federal government wanted to try to crack down on your right marijuana is still a schedule one Drug, according to the federal government. The same thing is like heroin would be or cocaine. So if they wanted to crack down, I suppose they could, but they would not get any cooperation from local authorities. That's for sure. Ah, and it's only a matter of time before that changes on the federal level as a CZ evidence continues to mount that that there may be some some riel benefits of of cannabis use for some people who might be suffering from Chronic pain or things like post traumatic stress disorder and a number of other ailments. It is shown to be effective for. Yeah, that's that's a great question. Another one Tony is what do we do about driving under the influence? Since there really is no test for this? You can't do a Breathalyzer. But as the youth becomes more common nationwide. You would think that there's gonna have to be some type of measure taken to confront that

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