The Major Differences Between the LPL and LCK in Casting, Drafting, and Playing

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We've missed you on the broadcast LS because there has been many many goings on. Liliana, she was enabled. For this week's play, we've also seen Godzilla comeback and absolutely destroy people. And godzillas not something that we're used to here in the L. C. K. on as very confused when all these reactions were being picked and. Just destroying folk and yet we are dealing with it dude absolutely. Do you have a bit of an opinion on the uprising of the because I've got a few thoughts as to why it's working but I'd like to hear from you or an it's just one of the best champions the game. All right I guess we'll end the episode here. For much working guys. Go from there. Know. I mean. He's being picked pretty much everywhere This is right after dignity in some series where they they they picked twice in a row only to produce do nothing with it and lose laying the. Both Times We've we've seen like it coming out a lot I like I'm screaming about attracts all over again and fortunately he died. So no Godzilla will come to US though. You know the thing about about the reacting pick that up being noticing in games where he's being doing well. Is. The amount of jungle attention that he gets and even into on the side of the map if you've got the respect in general, you win right like he just looks extraordinarily strong and technology for example, like they ran in Italy twice in a row much like they love doing over in the P. L. you're talking about I picks I. Believe the same thing. This was yesterday so it would have been. Saturday's matches. which was I believe soon, buses V five, but I've been busy doing the commentary of the Elsa K. hasn't been super easy to keep up with the opium but I believe that was what happened. So they will making some rejected as well. We saw finds a success, but we also saw connections getting like three kills before like level eight. Yeah, and I think that's a way that he can actually work really well. I mean. The champion needs to get ahead. And then you have the people that should argue that he should get ahead and then obviously there's going to be people that. Dissent against that notion So when he doesn't get ahead He's obviously is terrible when he does get ahead, I mean if you look at some of the people that are playing them are like the teams that are playing him I, mean there was an interesting reddit thread that actually went deep into like the teams that pick when they pick him and then what ends up happening in the games with the champion perhaps people can find their like Lincoln and the comments, but it was it was it was a really it was very interesting deep dive So obviously, I mulled over the champion quite a lot and just like into like attracts two point Oh and trucks gone so I don't know I mean he'll. Probably he'll probably be a mainstay at worlds. So I mean we'll. We'll see what happens to be honest. Moving forward to seeing how goes because the one big problem that I have with respect and I don't really have too much of an issue because I like making crocodile jokes as an Australian certainly suits me very well. So that's absolutely fine. The problem that I have is during draft and with what happens to win conditions in the game if you pick the rejected. Because we know like you had dignity reference, which is if you pick rejected and then don't do anything in Lane you lose right. Just. Because he doesn't do anything as far as the game progresses with neutral gold, he needs to snuggle. Find ways to win and he needs to do that with the help of his jungle of very early in the game because Renton Pass bike is very very early like he hits level six. No one wanted him right like. It's basically playing with your cards face up is what I'm saying and. I. Think Strategically Shooting Yourself in the foot by going with a strategy like that. However, if you can make it work and demand that it works like Olso, an like a giga winning jungle matchup as well. Then theoretically with the incredible gang consists that you get with her enacting his w with the fact that you can just stunned people on command like. I think that there is a place for him to be intelligently drafted. But I also think that a lot of that are going interconnecting I just letting him go and they just dying and then not necessarily playing. That top line all that top two in the correct way is that sort of like the correct correct assessment? I mean I think and the all CK. If you look at some of the teams that are winning with them, they would probably be winning the game anyway. So have you had you had a freak aversa sandbox was one of the more recent ones you had t one versus Afrita connor was playing at Like I think, the context is always important, you had you had inaugural versus dynamics these these aren't. Like. They're gonNA. Win The games anyway the context is always like super important. You can go through these games and see the top players like blundering really bad Yeah I mean he he champions obviously getting picked a lot but Yeah he's. He's definitely weird I. mean he was he was around last year to at world's own with the lease as the bread and butter. Now, he's being paired with aid because farming jugglers have more power and so you hit the line break point you start accelerating faster release obviously not being picked as much because of her volatility it's interesting that actually two of the very simple tramps died. He's the only one that still like exists. I guess that's an Ode Godzilla so Because You're going to release him. Right yeah. Yeah.

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