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Doctor Wyle. Welcome back to the show. Thanks good to be here again while we got a lot to get into really enjoyed our first conversation and we got into a lot of different stuff and I wanNA take time and get into some new subjects get a bit deeper into some of the stuff we covered last time but you're such a wealth of knowledge and have so many different areas of expertise would I decided to do was pick one of your many books which I pick spontaneous happiness and Kinda use that as an underlying. Theme for our chat today. Okay. So a lot we can get into within that. But first of all, let's talk about your post you put up on instagram yesterday you you shared a short video of yourself eating the prince, which is a mushroom I hadn't heard of this one before. So tell me about in how long have you been consuming it well, it's one of my favorite mushrooms. It's not a common one I found that various parts of the country the property where I live at the moment in British Columbia they come up. At this time of year and sometimes in the fall, it's a big. Very Meaty, beautiful mushroom us, fairly easy to identify. It's related to the button mushroom. That's in that same family. It has a very strong fragrance of almond extract that persists when you cook the mushroom. So it's just delightful and I was so happy to find these and they tend to get attacked by insect larvae very early on. So it's hard to find a specimens that are intact and the ones that I found your so far have been completely pristine. So sliced them up, sauteed them in olive oil little salt and pepper, and they're great knifes some more coming up that I'm going to. Pick today Nice. So you're foraging those rate on your property. Yeah. Yeah. Just a few steps away from my house. Very cool. Any other mushrooms or any other forging going on this time? Of Year the Mane Mushroom time here is the fall of particularly october-november. This been an unusual season here with a lot of a lot of rain cooler temperatures. So we also had Shanta rails fruiting, which normally don't do that at this time of year. So I had a meal of those as well. Nice, and with the whole pandemic going on I know normally spend the summers see where you're at now and the. Winters down in Tucson was a hard for you to get up north in get to your your summer home while fortunately I married a Canadian last year. So I was able to get in as an immediate family member. The border is still closed. Congrats I didn't know you'd gotten married congrats to that. Yes. Thanks. So what about the gardens? How're the gardens doing? They're fantastic it's unusual weather. There is a very hot early spring here, and then it's been cool and rainy but things are doing really well I've been harvesting lot of lettuce herbs potatoes tomatoes aren't right yet corn is tasked. Laying beginning years I have a lot of bees I get a great deal of my food from the garden. Let's talk about besides the food and this ties into the whole topic a happiness that we're going to really dig into talk about on a mental and spiritual level. What do you get from being in the garden while first of all to connection with nature and when I was looking into the reasons for the epidemic of depression that we have in North America, you know one of the factors in Addis disconnection from nature I mean there are many other factors, but that's certainly one of them. Even been described as nature deficit disorder I. Think any way you can connect with nature spending time outdoors. If you're stuck indoors even being around houseplants or companion animals is helpful but I, think that's something we really need for mental emotional and spiritual well-being right and talk about how you go about incorporating houseplants in tier environment in the home and specifically what that does. and My home in Tucson, my home is really filled with house plants here in BC. Since I'm not here, all year, I don't have plans inside but I have a you know an incredible landscape and forest here and and Garden Bing around plants makes me happy and I'm very tuned into their well being you know people talk about having green thumbs or Brown thumbs I think it's mostly a matter of paying attention that if you pay attention plants, let you know what they need or what they're not getting. Have you always been a green thumb or something that took you a lot of years to get to. Now it's from early childhood and something I got from my mother that she got from her mother even though I grew up in a row. House in Philadelphia had very little land around it my mother and I would garden we plant sayings and Plant Bulbs and that really awakened my interest in the plant world, and ultimately that led me to be to study botany as an undergraduate.

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