Woman Takes Selfie With Bear on Hiking Trail in Mexico


Taken over. We are striker Incline. Here's our friend David. Oh, no telling us what to do if we happen to encounter a bear and a very cool story, Heart stopping video out of Mexico shows a moment of black bear walks right up to a group of hikers. To begin sniffing a woman's hair. The bear apparently quite interested in this one young woman in particular, and she was hiking with several other people in an ecological park and sent bedroom. Garza Garcia, Mexico When this happened, and now some people might scream or try to run in a situation like this, But this young woman and her friends are all Pretty nonchalant about the whole thing. In fact, the woman whips out her cell phone to take a selfie with the bear since you're supposed to keep from a bear. Is 100 yards and from wolves 100 yards. This is how they knew which one of their friends was having her period bear went right up to her. You could tell very clear. It was very obvious Striker. You could tell which one And they were like, Oh, man, why do we bring sherry this time of the month, and the bear stands up next to her on its hind legs clearly ready for its close up. The bear is much taller than this lady. The bear then begins to walk away before turning back and you'll see it here making a beeline for the woman watches. What he does this and he tries to bite her and then swings on pause at her before casually. Walking away, of course, is not something experts encourage you to do If you encounter a bear in the wild. What should we do? David? Just the opposite. Actually, The best thing that you could do is he seemed out, not take yourself, but I do. Sometimes he knows what he's supposed to say. And he's the lead like Wait a minute. I'll find the one he's supposed to do again. Yell loudly at that they're making as much noise as possible, hopefully scaring it from the area and preserving its natural fear of humans. I don't know if you've ever seen a bear attack, but they are vicious. When they decide to move. They move so quickly. How would she take a cellphone in this world? She's another smart move. Unbelievable. That's that's why the only reason why I played that whole story was to get to the very end of them talking about the bear well. Here's what he said. Is actually something that We're not doing and that is they They were never scared of humans. Then they learn to be scared of humans. And now, once again, they're forgetting to be scared of human. That's the scream is supposed to remind them that they're like, Oh, wait a minute. Hold on. There's a hierarchy here and And that is the major thing that the shift that has been happening as of late. That's why we're calling it. The big animal takeover is that they're just not as scared of us anymore, because instead of us pulling out like a bow and arrow wherever answered We're pulling up. Cell phones were taking

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