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Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and girls Mr Mann and whoever else is listening. This is the ten K. collective, because part of the family of mazing podcast. You can see the decals behind me. If you're watching the video and today we're with woody will christen of data was a mason dot com, who are the experts at automation and integration that we're going to plunge straight in on the tools Amazon says will welcome back to the show. Thanks it's good to be here and let's deal with these tools for Amazon. Tell us I used at prosper show while ago, so that was really cool. You're obviously aware of how the world works settlers. What are these tools that you can share with us? Honestly tools are. I kinda Geek out on tools. I'm in general I'm kind of a software nerd. NERD had an assistant who came to me once and said you know. Will I feel like you are an individual? Who is the Tony Stark of software? Like you're? You're just in the middle of all of the tools, so I'm going to mention a couple here and I'm GonNa give you like a one liner. Here's the tool. Here's why I love it. So, honestly, the one that's kind of up on my screen right now and so it's kind of in my face is slack and I find that a lot of Amazon sellers haven't adopted slack yet, and the reason I think a lot of them haven't adopted. Slack yet is because they haven't realized how inefficient email and just regular Google hangouts is. I find a lot of people using skype to communicate with their with their as your different individuals that way I love slack and its ability to create channels to create a context where everything goes. Basically, it's an instant messaging platform that allows you to do direct messages back and forth between individuals, and then it allows you to create public and private channels where you can discuss things like key metrics that the businesses going on, and it gives. Gives you a way to keep the context of the conversation going so for example we have a slack channel access needs and anytime someone needs access is something they go into that channel. They Post. Hey I. Don't have access to this Amazon seller central account. How do I get access? And then we go through that process to to figure out exactly what that looks like an and get it where it needs to go if that makes sense. Absolutely I'm just discovering. Slap myself. I'm very guilty of using. skype is the primary meeting for communicating with Va's and. It's OK until you get to the point where you try and dig into some information from weeks ago and then it comes. That's the thing like I'm short video about this. Did I even tell you about the? What was the link for that again? And then you nightmare? You described so elegantly before. Say Anything that helps you get organized. Upfront is a great thing for sure so my. Virtual Assistant. I when we use like I have an entire channel dedicated to the video. That I create for her so I've I've I use a another tool. WE'RE GONNA mentioned hair called screen cast, defy and screen cast if records videos and drops those videos into Google drive folder us another tool called. Zap, beer to automatically pick up those videos and push them into a specific slack channel so anytime a record video i. literally title it in a certain way pops it out into the Slack Channel and tells her what she's supposed to do with it a minor. That is just loving this. Because I use screen falsifying. I've used got a lot of videos on. There are US or got slack now of it up I haven't really been vigorous into my stuff I'm like Oh. Wow, I could do that I can say totally see how that would save me that. The assistant 'cause batsman three days and guys Mike, whereas all yeah got to send it. T- sorry. This is behind the. Title to get up and so I've got it. Set up now so if I don't put the word in all capitals private in the title of the video, it automatically goes to my va, and says hey. I was too lazy to title this, so please Bug me about what this video's even four and where it should go, so if I record a video, it goes to her period unless i. I write in all caps in the title private. Zapper is totally capable of listening for that word private and be like. Oh don't send this to her. So if I wanted to like, make video from partners, talking about everybody salaries or something like that I wanted to be a little more private. A totally could do that and I made Zap, Zapper drop it into a channel and away it goes and. And then I'm not hunting through a thread of threads imagine how much conversation goes back, and forth between me and my executive virtual assistant, its way to have channels man I would be in all sorts of trouble, so I try to use direct message communication with another individual I. Try to define those channels and say this is information that we're probably not going to need again. This is about chatter about. About. What's going on if I have information that we're going to need to look up again? I try to create a channel the to associate with that client, or whoever else it is, so we've got a lot of channels. Assist I'm not going to get a bit overwhelming I? Guess, but at least it's a lot less everyone undifferentiated stuff. Okay, so we got slack. Go Screen! Falsify because up here. What else your faith tools, so another one is the tool we're using right now to communicate zoom and a lot of people have heard of zoom, but maybe it will especially now they've probably heard of zoom, really powerful, very stable tool in terms of of video calls and getting face to face with people and getting some of those other pieces out of the way I just really appreciate. How stable is they've run into their growing pains, but even with the growing pains. It's outpaced several others that I've used.

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