Guest Teacher Erin Corn How To Succeed With Paid Social Ads


Hi I'm Erin corn founder. Sherbourne Media Social Media advertising consultancy. Thank you for joining me today today. I'll be sharing the essential elements of a successful facebook and instagram advertising strategy. Strategy let's dive in the first album. Folks uncle setting before starting any marketing campaign. You need to clearly define your goals. Deciding on what you want to achieve at the beginning of a campaign makes it easier to measure analyze your results without goals and associated metrics. You won't be able to determine if your efforts are actually effective. Determining your facebook ad goals is a simple process. Just ask yourself. What do I want to achieve as a result of this campaign? Your advertising goals. Goals could be driving more sales increasing brand, awareness, building emails or increasing engagement with your Brad. Your goal should have a direct impact on your company's growth and success. Make sure you select goals that contribute to the bottom line, and not vanity metrics likes. Don't pay the bills. Some examples of advertising goals to avoid include getting five thousand lakes on my last post, gaining one hundred new followers, these add metrics not reflect any tangible results and shouldn't be perceived as facebook advertising goals. The second core element to ineffective, Pete Social Strategy is tracking and measurement in order to effectively measure the results of your pete social activity. It's essential to install the facebook pixel. The Face Pixel is a piece of code that allows you to monitor how successful your facebook ads actually are giving you more accurate stats, and it also allows you to create new audiences based on state traffic. For example you can target previous website visitors or create audiences of new. People who look like purchasers on your website. It's equally important to have analytics in place to track your overall digital activity, the facebook pixel will check your paid social efforts, but not your other channels like email, marketing and Google campaigns, I. recommend starting with Google analytics. Google analytics is easy to implement more importantly, it's free. It provides valuable insights that can help you understand your customers life cycle in shape future marking decisions. All you need is a Google, account. Speaking of your customer life cycle the third Alimentos successful Pete. Social, strategy is a well developed audience. The core of effect of social media marketing is about speaking to a specific audience audience personas provide a deep look at the demographics of your audience, including their interests fears needs and behaviors. Many advertisers confusing audience persona with target audience. These are not the same for example, a women's apparel company may define their audience as As females twenty five to forty in the US, however, this only captures the audience demographic to further develop the audience persona I would recommend that the include their target audiences, motivations, lifestyle, challenges, and behaviors for content marketing purposes. You need a well defined persona to help you deliver content that will be relevant and resonate with your audience. So how'd you get starting creating persona or personas through your business their endless templates? Templates available online, but I like to go through some of the key attributes to consider when developing a persona, or in some cases multiple personas for your business, starting with job title details about their role demographics including age gender salary, education, family status, their hobbies and lifestyles goals. What are their primary goals and how your business help them achieve them challenges. What are their challenges? And how will your business help solve? Solve, those problems. What are their personal values? And finally? What are some common objections to engaging with Your Business Brand? These mug instagram have a wealth of targeting options available to advertisers which include demographics interest customized based on your serum or Pixel, Data and look like audiences to help you reach new people whose interests are very similar to those of your customers. Your audience personas should inform the charging that you select. That brings us the fourth element you've chosen your goals, implemented tracking and establish an audience now what it's time to determine the tape of content you want to represent your business or brand, whether you're developing organic or paid content, it's key to maintain a cohesive look and feel across your channels. Your images and videos are the first thing. Potential customers will notice when they see your ads in visit. Your businesses profile the colors tone of voice and imagery contribute to an aesthetic. That will form your businesses identity. one-step advertisers often skip is the their content and messaging to the marketing funnel. The four stages of a funnel should include awareness, consideration, conversion, and loyalty as you develop your continent messaging, be mindful of stages in marketing funnel the way you speak to a customer who is unaware of your business should be very different than the way you speak to a previous customer I often use dating as an example. If is never met you, you don't walk into a room and ask them on a D.. However, this is often the way advertisers communicate with potential customers who have never heard of them starting the conversation with price, points and discounts, rather than demonstrating their value does not make an effective marketing message. The final of successful paid social program is actually your other marketing channels. These marketing channels can include website, email, marketing, search, engine, optimization, and search, marking amongst others whether you're service, based business or direct to consumer brand. Your Business Likely depends on other marketing channels to achieve your desired results the most successful social media campaigns are part of an integrated marketing strategy. Your social media should support your larger marketing strategy, and likewise other efforts should enhance your social media advertising.

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