Buffalo Bills sign head coach Sean McDermott to a multiyear contract extension


Joining us now, as promised is one Bill's head coach Sean McDermott, who Just put pen to paper on a six year contract extension yesterday, and, um I think a lot of signs of approval. From Bill's Mafia and the fan base at large after hearing the news about that, so that was great, and we do want to welcome coach in at this time and coach. Obviously we're not the first. But congratulations anyway on the contract extension and My first question to you coach is and the timing may not have lined up right where you were around your players. But was there an announcement made? Probably not by you. Somebody else probably had to do this. Knowing how humble you are. But Did somebody else make the announcement about your contract extension to the players. And if so, what was the reaction? I'm kind of predicting we're envisioning a jubilant locker room, people hopping up and down and going bananas. I know the way that you know, social media works and media over all these days, the players knew about it rather quickly. It's a little bit unique. Timing with, you know the players in the building, you know, usually These things happen sometimes in the off season, all season months when the players are away, and so it's a little bit unique from that standpoint, But, yeah, the players found out pretty quickly and And, Ah, you know, certainly appreciate their their thoughts and their well wishes and everything, and it's going to be great to be able to raise Our kids in western New York for the first year. Your future at least, Yeah, That's one of the things I thought about when it was announced yesterday. Your kid's going. They're going to Buffalo kids, You know that now and I know they weren't born here. But Their formative years. They're gonna be right here in western New York, and I know that you know for me. I was a dad too. And I'm all my kids are western New York. Er zzzz. Well, that's kind of got to give you a sense, particularly in the profession of coaching. Where You know, you pitch a tent here almost like nomads at certain points in your career. Now, have it right now. Have that stability You gotta feel really good about your family having a place where they can really sink some deep roots. Yeah, we've been, you know, very happy with the community. It just it fits us and hopefully we fit the community as well. And people in Buffalo around Buffalo in western New York. Couldn't be nicer. It's been a great experience for us and just becoming part of the community and a lot of ways. Hopefully, we're giving A cz much to the communities were getting from the community in terms of giving back, uh, you know, And so it's it is nice to see our kids to be ableto get their feet firmly planted in the ground and Make their friends that they've made and be ableto Hopefully continue building those friendships in the years to come.

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