Patrick Mouratoglou and Andrea Leand


Everyone John Worth I'm here is this with sports illustrated tennis podcast. Sweet. We have two guests, I. We talk with Patrick Rata Glue who of course wears many hats in tennis keeps the Tennis Miller's busy. He's a broadcaster he's a coach. He's a promoter Today we talked to him in two capacities. We talk about the the ultimate tennis showdown that he ran over the past several weeks. This was an attempt by Patrick to speed up tennis, make it faster younger draw a new audience. We talk about what worked what didn't we spoke with him in June and he invited us sort of wouldn't he said we'll do a reassessment when we're done and see what we did well, and what we need to work on, and so we took him up on that so. A conversation about the UTSA ultimate showdown, and then we talk about Serena. Williams. Patrick of course has coached Serena for almost a decade now, and we talk about where she is what she'll need to do to Win that elusive twenty-fourth major He is about to leave niece for Lexington Kentucky from the south of France to the land, of Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul but Patrick. is going to meet up with Serena and couture in Lexington on her way to the US. Open to we talk a lot about Serena Williams how she's handling pressure, which he needs to do differently if she were to get to the final and her sort of general disposition during during the Cova crisis. So good conversation that we talked with Andrea Leeann Andras a former top fifteen player. A commentator she also wants did a brief stint as an agent She was at the Greenbrier for the final of World Team Tennessee other day she was sitting courtside. So we talk a bit about tennis and a bit about what the US Open is going to look like under this sort of quasi bubble configuration. So good to good conversation sort of looking back but also looking forward. So let's get started in the south of France with Patrick. So we spoke a few months ago before. Before your events began and we said we would we would check in and you were open to suggestion and you sort of you wanted to hear how this went. So you you tell me first. Grade yourself what what work well. Most of it. I to to see the reality of something you've you've imagined is is amazing. It's an incredible feeling. And it was it was really impressive to see those those great champions play. As. I mean something that was difficult to imagine like play formats. So different from tennis. The accepting to be in such in this comfort zone at the start because it's very different it's very stressful. Is Very difficult in terms of physical because you don't have a lot of time between the much less so he can't recover well. You're so much more stress. To see them go through all that. In a completely new environment All the things that go is the software we had to give up this machine we had to develop for the JEREM buyers day so. I mean. The whole feeling for me was just incredible. To be completely honest, you you you sound to me like you you've written a screenplay and then you've you've actually seen it performed as as a movie. Perfect who put it What did you think first of all, what what did you think of the level play I mean this this was a different environment for the players. They were also coming off along break. What did you think of quality of Tennessee? I think at the start of Utsa one level was really so-so. After a few weekends decided to play well. the one birds for example, who on your gs? One I think is level the first two weekends was wow. Was Far from very far and then. He took off and then he started to play a some of his best tennis I think. Why he won and the level of I think for UTA. Finals. Men and women I. Think the level was really good. I think it was very good tennis. That's I really enjoyed so much watching.

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